Wednesday, November 30, 2005

11.30.05 Tidbits

Tower Clock Yearbook: I was told that Tower Clock staff has begun to sell the t-shirts that has the photo of Provost Fernie and the comments that read: Know Thy Enemy. According to my sources, Tower Clock was censored by Provost for various problems. Some said she was the one that caused the Tower Clock to fail the student body in distribution of 2003 and 2004 Yearbooks. The shirts was reportedly sold out at the price of $20.

Somebody has to set up the online petition to get rid of Provost Fernie. This woman must go, at all costs.

Manny's Law: It appeared that Sarah Pack was not the only one that got tied up in the hospitals because of health insurance. More and more hospitals are not to serve the patients, they are in for money-making businesses. Another situation occurs to Manny Lanza that could have been prevented but no, he was shuffled back and forth for months before he died mainly because he does not have health insurance. This is outrageous. And NYC is now contemplating on forcing the hospitals not to do such a thing like that again. How? They are working with the state legislators to ensure that anyone entering the hospitals can receive the care they needed or face massive fines. Shame on doctors and insurance freaks! Perhaps in time, Sarah's death will not be in vain. Hat tip goes to Roy.

Stan Berenstain Dies: Stan & Jan Berenstain created The Berenstain Bears which turned out to be my favorite book during my childhood times. It may be the first literacy that I remembered reading.

Stan Berenstain has died at the age of 82. I salute him for what he and his wife did for me. New York Times has an article about Stan Berenstain.

Long live The Berenstain Bears!

UPDATE: Much to my delight, I received a personal email from the wife of Stan Berenstain this morning. Here is the message:
Leo, Mike, and I appreciate your kind condolences. We hope, inspired by Stan’s tireless, industriousness working with us on the Bears, to continue producing new projects in his memory.

Thanks so much,

Jan, Mike, and Leo Berenstain

I'm tickled pink!

Global Warming Triggers Mini-Ice Age? According to The Guardian, the weakening response of Gulf Stream to the rigors of Atlantic Ocean could trigger the Mini-Ice Age in Europe in the next decade. Sounds fun? At least, the Alps will be healthy than ever!

Sonny's Beloved Gophers Crumbled In The Pit: It is not easy to win at The Pit where they attracted more than 11,000 fans per game. Before the roaring fans of 11,413, Minnesota Golden Gophers crumbled to New Mexico Lobos, 62-44. It was the payback game for the Lobos who lost to Minnesota last year by 30 in Minneapolis. Good riddance, Gophers. You ain't that good.

Pitiful USA: The New York Times has reported that the United States Armed Forces has paid the defense contractors to plant the stories in the Italian newspapers about the United States Army and how it serves the Democracy well. Ahh, a sign of propaganda. What a Sempfer Fi! Let's face the reality -- the United States is not democratic country, it is Republic. Think about it.

GW Bush Is Such A Retard: GW Bush even suggested that the Al-Jazeera News Network be bombed because it is anti-American. Imagine someone making a suggestion to bomb the Fox News, because it is pro-American? Come to think of this, it would be so cool to do that, but I do not advocate this because these stuff are simply wrong thing to do. But no, to GW Bush, it seemed to be good idea to silence the others' voices.

Funniest Comment Ever On Xian Nut's Xanga! AS many of you knew, JuneAnn LeFors, that Xian nut who ranted on that Satan snatched my friend's soul because my friend was not Xian to start with. These silly theories of hers which is based on a fictious book, really.

However, I was checking the comments by many of her inane fans who wets their pussies when JuneAnn mentioned Jesus Christ. Many friends and I enjoyed reading the comments because it is insanely funny. But someone took a wipe at that Xian nut which made me nearly shot my snots out of my nose. The person wrote:
The mysterious cross of Christ Jesus compels you. The power of Christ Jesus compels you. The miracle of Christ Jesus compels you. The blood of Christ Jesus compels you. The mystery of Christ Jesus compels you.

Cast out the demonic spirits from a deaf June Ann!
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Now that is funny!

Now This Is The One I Want To Hear From Canucks' Opinions! Do share your opinions on this article.

SIGNews Gonna Mention Me: I was told that will have an article that mentioned me along with David Evans, Keri Ogrizovich and ... *ahem* Mike "McWeenie" McConnell. They inadvertently got my residence wrong but that's OK. I'll be back in NYC sooner than y'all think.



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