Monday, November 28, 2005

New York, Sarah Pack, New York!

Okay, this has been a hectic weekend for me. I told a friend that it seemed to me that coming back to New York is not a visit for me. I think I had been adopted by the city in the first place. Each time I came to visit, there are errands for me to do when I'm here in the city.

The city is dynamic as always. Of course, there is always some spots that could make you taste bad but life is like that, really.

As the Chinatown Bus rolls in Manhattan at break of Saturday Dawn, I could observe the riders being energized -- they were ready to roll off the bus and head on their own. To avoid the stigma of being a tourist, act like New Yorker!

Needless to say, I hit the subway train and crashed at my friend's pad. Saw DefBef of HearingPeopleSuck! She looks radiant as ever.

Later in the day, I went to Sarah Pack'ss Memorial Service. Lots of people came out for her second service in Manhattan. I saw many faces -- bloggers and friends. Julie Feldman, Kaybee, KD, Jade, Katie Roberts, Joseph Rainmound, Boris, Svetlana ... and naturally, her brother, Chris. I finally met the parents of Sarah.

Chris, as always, looked good. In fact, Sarah once told me that she knew Chris to be my type but warned me that he's straight as an arrow. She was right when I first met Chris. Anyway, Chris lost few pounds and was looking very well considering the circumstances that he lost his sister.

The service went very well. There are moments that I welled up with my tears. There are moments that people asked me who the persons are in this seating area. Why always me? Sarah Pack once said that I am the Information Center.

Chris Pack delivered a somber message. Melissa Yingst, another friend of Sarah, was not able to show up so she had someone come in and give her few words. I declined to share comments because I think it is not appropriate for the Church. Sarah and I had many, many good memories and the Church would crumble if they ever knew ...

It is not easy for me to hold my tears -- inside, I can feel the pains. But after listening to people who communicated with Sarah until her last hour, I am genuinely convinced that she may knew that her time was done for. But like Jade said, "She is on a long-term vacation. We'll see her again."

Truer words were never spoken, Jade!

Words cannot describe how I feel when people came to me and told me that my entries about Sarah Pack helped them in any capacity to surpass the shock, denial and grief. One former girlfriend of Sarah gave me several pictures for me to remember by. Thanks, Vicki.

Chris Pack is working on plans to set up the scholarship for Sarah Pack at New York University. I thought it is what she would love to have. An impact on people unfortunate in life. Truer to her wishes, her ashes will be sprinkled in the open sea. She once swam near the group of whales and she said it was one of the most amazing things she experienced.

Later in the evening, we went to Pinna II restaurant, an inexpensive Indian restaurant which is a favorite target of Sarah Pack. In fact, Sarah contemplated about coming to Pinna II Restaurant after her recovery from the illness. But that was not to be so we decided to complete her goal by going to that restaurant.

It was good to see many faces. Green, Perlis, DefBef, Kaybee, Jade, KD, Roberts, CMK and Surdus.

After that, Surdus and I went to Doc Holliday for a drink before we split to meet Manny and Merritt which is the story of another, for sure.

Note: Last night, I got to chat with Perlis who told me two outrageous experiences on the subway system. I laughed so hard that I had to ask her to write up the story for the world to read what really happened in New York Subway. These tales has to be the ones I called: Only In New York!

Sarah & Ridor Conversing In New York



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