Saturday, November 12, 2005

Bitch Session XIV

Disclaimer: The comments were written by many readers . I simply copied and pasted the comments on the entry. You may defend your turf by firing back. As always, names and email addresses will be removed. Only comments will be posted. Enjoy! You can compliment or offend anything or anyone else.



EWARE Sorenson taking over our Deaf life! Imagine Mormons found a way to infiltrate in our lives without knocking the door! Just touch the remote control and poof, we are endorsing mormons' activities and letting them conquer our right to interpreting services in our local communities. And more importantly-- the right to choose that allows us to support our values! If we don't, SVRS will, later or sooner, bleed us to death by robbing us blind for VPing for relay and anyone. Competition is the best to keep SVRS on their fucking toes. DO NOT LET SORENSON RULE AND BRAINWASH US!

The guy who got shot [outside of Gallaudet] few weeks ago, I bet u a dime he did provoked them. He's a troublemaker, he likes to start something all the time! Don't mention me!

People who give birth to 10-20 children in the name of God because they believe the Bible tells them to "go and multiply" are religious sex rabbits. According to a source, Mormons are one of the fastest growing religions in the world. Brigham Young once told the parishoners that God told him to tell everyone to fuck and get pregnant as often as possible -- to multiply! Did he even give them instructions on sex positions to enhance conception success rate? I can envision a movie, "Invasion of the Mormons." Keep on fucking, you religious sex rabbits, and that movie shall become a reality.

To Provost Jane "Chicken Hawk" need to shop for your clothes at Neiman Marcus, not JcPenny.

To all of those hearing folks who are learning sign language: it is not cool to communicate with another hearing person by talking and half-signing at the same time, even though she may or may not know sign language. Once you do that, you look stupid and your signs make no sense.
[I see this all the time at Gally]

Is Emily Muns still wandering the streets of DC? When and where was her last sighting?

Weak minds think in crowds.


Damn it, Gino Gouby! You have no idea how many guys are waiting for you to move on and be happy! We HEART you, ya sweet hottie!

Joshua's Halloween monk costume was very appropriate!

RESPECT - show me damn respect, you lowly people. If you don't give a fuck, i don't either. If you want me to give a fuck, then show the damn respect.

All these "I *heart* blah blah".... sticking finger down throat.

Pard in Atlanta needs to drop dead or be in jail -- that old geezer chases after uninfected men for his sexual conquests. It is sickening. Ever notice that his friends tend to be the ones who are irresponsible with sexual activities? Pard's friends are the ones in his age group -- one only needs to look not far from Pard's connections.

Impeach Cheney! They had no problem trying to impeach President Clint over a blowjob. Why not impeach Cheney over REAL national security issues? Too bad karma hasn't come back to Cheney yet. No wonder he had many heart attacks and danced with death one too many time. The great one will come sooner or later, and he'll croak.

For Pack, I second the motion and heart you to the moon, Pack, the moon!?!

M - do you like to share love, or do you just thrive on people bickering and bitching for entertainment?

Two words: Jeff Stone.
OMG! My penis drips!

Thank goodness Miers resigned! See, a woman had enough sensibility to resign. One of the greatest political news to happen during Bush's so-called administration.

Pack - don't hang in there. Go ahead and hang yourself.

Can you believe this? Alex Abenchuchan's girlfriend is Alexa! Anyone willing to date a guy that has the similar name probably has an issue with narcissism.

Why is men asshole?

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