Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Aftermath of Virginia Governor Race

Since I'm in Virginia, I get an opportunity to observe the race for Virginia's Governor. Democrat Tim Kaine ultimately won the election over Republican Jerry Kilgore, 52% to 46%. This is one of the costliest election ever in the state of Virginia, both spent millions of dollars in order to win the election.

This sends a virtual message to the ordinary citizens of Virginia -- you cannot be Governor unless you have money. People in trailer parks cannot run for this position. An urban guy in Jackson Ward cannot run for this position. Rural residents in Big Stone Gap can not run for this position. As you can see this, only well-to-do families can apply. This means what? The democracy that we had preserved for the last 200 years is in shambles. It does not work. Why do you think we have many disillusioned citizens who did not vote?

According to the census information on its website, Virginia has 7,459,827 residents as of 2004. Only 1,976,813 voted in this election. 24.6% of the state population is under 18, I am not good with statistics. Subtract the current population with 24.6%, you still have about 5 million left to vote. But Only less than 2 million voted.

In order to make democracy work, each person should have a fair competition. But these days, you only need to outspend the money in order to beat the others. Never mind the fact that your messages are better than this person, if this person has money, you will lose. Period.

However, with Tim Kaine winning the state election, I'm relieved in a way because Tim Kaine is supportive of keeping my alma mater in one place even though his comments do not make a huge impact on the idiots in the state's Department of Education. And one place is none other than Staunton!

By preventing Jerry Kilgore from winning the election, the state also sent the message to neo-cons that they have had enough of their antics. The conservatives pigs had been so intent on destroying Tim Kaine's integrity throughout the election by bombarding the advertisements on televisions, radios and mail campaigns to the voters. I find it appalling. Kaine was intent on delivering the message of what he wants to do for the state, the conservatives attempted to derail about his faith, his personal issues et al.

And to say that the Xian conservatives are to be the most compassionate of all? Please. They are vicious. Malicious. Evil. But the greatest problem is that they do not see themselves as evil, they see themselves as doing something good for their faith.

I think the brighter days are coming along, for the state of Virginia. In time, with better educational system for all, Virginians will get to expel these wackos to the state hospitals or church wards for all I care.

It is interesting to note that the most rural areas or towns that has been hijacked by neocons voted for Kilgore, but the cities with large numbers of educated persons with major universities tend to vote for Kaine.

Let's examine the counties of Virginia:

Rockingham County: The county itself is very rural, Xian-oriented -- 65% voted for Kilgore. But its major town, Harrisonburg, is also home to James Madison University and Eastern Mennonite University, has 50% for Kaine!

Augusta County: This is the county that I practically grew up in. Staunton and Waynesboro are two incorporated towns within Augusta County. The county, like Rockingham, is very Xian-oriented with plenty scores of uneducated folks lying in the countryside. 66% voted for Kilgore, while Staunton had Kaine winning at 49%.

Roanoke County: This county is close to Lynchburg, home of that Xian scumbag, Rev. Jerry Falwell. Not surprising, the county has 52% for Kilgore but the city of Roanoke overwhelmingly voted for Kaine at 61%.

Wise County: This county is by the border of Kentucky in the Appalachian Mountains where my father was born and raised in. The county overwhelmingly voted for Kilgore at 61%.

Campbell County: This is interesting -- this is the county where the infamous Rev. Jerry Falwell resided in Lynchburg. As predicted, the county favored for Kilgore at 61% but the city of Lynchburg probably pissed Rev. Jerry Falwell as it pulled for Kaine at 50% to Kilgore's 46%.

Albermarle County: The home of Charlottesville, the University of Virginia and Monticello! Of course, the liberalism and higher educated folks of the town and county were in favor of Kaine by large margins. Both the county and city, as expected, destroyed Kilgore's chances.

Richmond, Chesterfield and Henrico: The Richmond Metropolitan Area is divided into 2/3, really. Chesterfield, home to plenty of conservatives pigs who does not like to change things as is, was for Kilgore with 53%. But Richmond and Henrico County overwhelmingly in favor of Kaine with 76% and 53%.

What About NOVA?: Fairfax and Alexandria Counties and the city of Arlington picked Kaine in a rout, 60%, 74% and 71%.

Virginia Beach?: Home to the conservative pig, Pat Robertson -- won for Kilgore 49%.

As you can see the pattern after each county/city -- the cities with better education, schools and et al tend to vote for Tim Kaine. What's left of Virginia in its countryside went for Jerry Kilgore. In other words, educated people voted for Kaine, uneducated people voted for Kilgore. Conservatives often reigns with people who are misguided on everything else.

On another note about voting machines in Virginia, this is alarming but worth the time to check out. We need a paper trail in order to prevent the corruptions. The point is that these new computers does not have a paper trail for us to follow up on the recounts. Most of the voting machines are owned by companies that donated heavily to the pro-Republican organizations. Despite the fact that the Democrats won the state, the whole point is that there is a possible corruption coming out of voting machines if there is *no* paper trail to follow up in the long run. Use your common sense.

Good riddance, Republicans.



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