Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sarah's Tidbits

Sarah Pack’s Obituary: Here is the link. Unfortunately, I’m not surprised with the parents’ choice of donations. I do not think Sarah would like that at all.

Few words from Jade: Here is the message from Jade, another close friend of Sarah Pack in New York:

The news has come unexpectedly that SARAH MARIE PACK, a friend, my publicist, and confident has suddenly departed from the earth on Sunday, November 20, 2005. We will all sorely miss her.

Each Day When Tomorrow Comes

Each day when tomorrow comes, you would find a way to create an optimistic outlook on life and impact others.

Each day when tomorrow comes, you would rotate the troubles of the world into humor.

Each day when tomorrow comes, when mass of obscurities came knocking on your door, you manage to produce energy, form luminosity, and brighten those around you because you refuse to succumb its powers over you.

Each day when tomorrow comes, you walk the warrior in you shielded from adversity of every sinew and fiber of your being.

Each day when tomorrow comes, you are an essence and the mastery of life, and you teach us what life is all about.

Each day when tomorrow comes, your heart is enormous that you radiate love and support to those close to you and knows you.

Each day when tomorrow comes, you always look forward to life: * “…making snow angels, dancing in the rain, going down a block, swinging at a playground, walking a friend's dog, and many more fun stuff!”*

*This is an excerpt from Sarah’s blog while being hospitalized for 13 days.

To read more about Sarah and her beautiful and inspiring blog, please click here: Just Wondering OutLoud

Check These Out: Evidently, Sarah's impact on many others can be noted on people's blogs/xanga all over the country.

And so our creation begins.....
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Sarah's Three Pictures: These pictures of last Thanksgiving Dinner which Sarah Pack hosted at her palace in Hell's Kitchen, I was invited and there, I got to meet some of Sarah’s close friends. After eating the massive food which I was not used to, I asked Sarah if I could sneak into Kaybee’s bedroom to lay down because I was stuffed and too tired to converse with many people for 15 minutes or so. She nodded. I vanished into her bedroom to lay down -- you know how it is with the turkey, it puts you to sleep.

Guess what happened next? Sarah joined. Boris joined. We were having a good time, evidently. I watched Boris playing around with Sarah next to me -- making it impossible for me to catch few Zs. We were joking about different things related to sex -- as you can see Sarah laughing out loud when Boris tried to do something. I tried to tell KD not to take pictures, naturally -- I was ignored. As you can see, I was amused at the antics Boris did to Sarah. Little did I know that it was our last Thanksgiving Dinner.


One of Many Little Things That Binds Sarah with Me: Sarah’s grandparents lived in the southwestern part of Virginia near Blacksburg. My Hrandparents also lived in the southwestern part of Virginia in Big Stone Gap. The southwestern part of Virginia is the long rectangular that surrounded itself between North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia -- between these two towns is about 165 miles long due to the fact the roads has to go up and down the damned mountains.

We discussed about the morbidity of Appalachian Mountains folks or The South who seemed to be into taking pictures at the funerals. I had been to many funerals in the South where relatives and friends took pictures of deceased bodies. Sarah confirmed that she is not crazy about going to these funerals because she had the same experiences that I did. Needless to say, Sarah and I had heavy fits of laughters that I think the neighbors thought we were nuts.

Note to readers & friends of Sarah Pack: Feel free to email me of your memories with Sarah. I'll be sure to insert it in the next few days. This week on the blogsite practically belongs to Sarah Pack and her friends to celebrate her life. A part of this surely has helped me to cope with her sudden death, I guess, and I hope it does for others. After all, that is what she would like it to be. It is OK to be upset and reflect on this -- but you gotta celebrate somewhere down the route. I still have her emails sitting in my Inbox -- especially the last one that she wrote around 7:30 AM last Sunday before she passed away.



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