Thursday, November 17, 2005

Lee Trevathan In MetroWeekly's Top Ten Finalists!

My dear friend, David "Lee" Trevathan, originally from Biloxi, Mississippi -- now a student at Gallaudet and living in the District, was chosen to be the local gay magazine, MetroWeekly's Top Ten Finalists for the 2005 Coverboy of the Year. David is affectionately known as Lee by many friends. I think I am one of his friends.

Congratulations, Lee!

But the voting continues. Let's show some solidarity for a Deaf fellow by voting for David "Lee" Trevathan.

If he wins it all, he will be the first deaf person to win the MW's Coverboy of the Year -- the voting will end on Tuesday, Nov. 29th. You have two weeks to do that.

Click for David Trevathan!

Love you, Lee!



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