Friday, November 04, 2005

How To Get In Touch With Julie "Jules" Dalbom?

Here is the information that you can send the card:

Julie's address while she is in the rehab center follows:

Julie Dalbom
c/o Spalding Rehabilitation Center
900 Potomac St., Room 218
Aurora, CO 80011

You can also send her an email at the center. She won't be able to reply to you, but I know that she would like to hear from her friends. The instructions to do so follow:

* Log on to
* Go to Patient Resources bar at the top of the page
* Click on patient email link in the drop down box
* A form will come up for you to put in
# The patient's name
# The patient's room number (Julie's is 218)
# Your message

Your message will go to the e-mail box of the Hospital Operator. Security delivers the printout of your email at 6:15 PM MST.

* * *

Do your part, readers.



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