Sunday, November 20, 2005

For One, A New Adventure Has Begun!

I posted the entry for Sarah Pack last night as she wanted to share the message to her blogreaders and friends, our friends crisscrossed each other, especially in the blogosphere. Her blogsite can be found at Just Wondering Outloud.

Then after that, Sarah and I chatted each other through the pager until 3 AM, then I told her that it was bedtime for me. We bid each other good night. It turns out that it was the last time that we would have this conversation as she passed away this morning.

Her entry, A Message from Sarah Pack ... was her last testimony to our readers/friends through my blog. Perhaps it was a message for me from her heart.

It was Sarah who gave me the book whom the title eluded me at this moment. It was a book about the interesting tidbits of New York. When I was down, I simply had to page, VP or IM her and we'd go on hours of conversations about anything else.

I know I have a bad habit -- when I get excited or wanted to laugh, I tend to raise my hand right above my ears and lightly slapping on my head in an incessant act -- perhaps 4 or 5 times just enough to express my excitement or laughter. Sarah loved that -- she always smiled so hard when I do that. If she joked, and I did not do that motion, she'd say: "What's wrong? You don't like what I said?" I'd smack her off by slapping on my head just to shut her up. She'd grin.

Sarah was introduced to me by her roommate and my close friend, Kaybee of urban versus rural, three years ago and from there, Sarah and I was pretty close until the end.

Sarah certainly knew me bit that much. Let's say we shared a lot of things with each other. She was great, funny, classy and intelligent. Sarah has certainly helped me in many ways from A to Z -- she was a great listener, storyteller and adviser when I needed one. She certainly was a fan of my blogsite. She would page/IM/email me whether if I plan to update the blog.

Rest in peace, Sarah. I shall miss you very much.

Oh, Sarah, thanks for everything! You did so much for me when I was in New York -- for that, I appreciated this very much. Love you lots.



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