Thursday, November 24, 2005

Last Night ...

Last night, before I hit the gym for a Wednesday workout, I rushed to Appomattox Regional Library. That library was the place where I usually go during the summertimes when I'm extremely bored at home.

Since I graduated from high school in '91, I had not been to that library in 14 years. Until last night, that is. I was delighted to learn that the Appomattox Regional Library is going to move in a new building with everything that seems to be all-new right next to the current library. The current library would be demolished, I believe.

The new building will feature a 17th century ship in its Children section. About time if you ask me. If you're wondering about the boat, you can cruise this link.

However, there are some images that I cannot forget out of that library. Among these are The Presidents of the United States by John and Alice Durant, Volume One: George Washington to William McKinley.

In George Washington's section, you should see this image where you can see George Washington smiling a little, extended his right hand to Martha Custis Washington as Martha's daughters and granddaughter watched in bliss. The picture has been somewhat stuck on my mind for years.

Here is the image, click on the picture to enlarge if you would like to.
The Washington Clan at Mount Vernon

And last night, I was searching for the name of the person who drew the portrait of George Washington, Martha Custis Washington, her daughters and her granddaughter.

Believe it or not, I cannot find the name and I'm stumped. Anyone knew of this?

Thanks in advance!



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