Monday, November 21, 2005

1st Deaf Hunger Strike!

In Flint, Michigan, Ryan Commerson has decided to go on a hunger strike in order to force the Michigan School for the Deaf, Detroit Day School for the Deaf and the state of Michigan to change the policies and procedures related to ASL and Deaf Education.

For years, the state of Michigan has largely neglected the needs of Deaf children. Today, more and more people wanted the best for their children who are Deaf, the state of Michigan and its two deaf schools refused to comply with the changes.

For months, Ryan Commerson has pleaded, pressured and fought to get the schools to recognize ASL at these schools but these schools rejected, manipulated and blocked him from achieving something positive for Deaf children in Michigan.

For further information on this fiasco in Michigan, check the link at Starving for Access :: One Man's Mission.

Jeers to the MSD & DDSD for its plantation mentality on Deaf children in the state.

Note: Ryan is already tall and thin. Just don't get too thin, Ryan. Hang in there!



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