Tuesday, November 22, 2005

11.21.05 Tidbits

Stop The Tmobile Spam Attack! Joseph Rainmound requested me to link this in order to warn anyone who has SK2, blackberry or pagers owned by T-Mobile. Last night, there had been a spam attack. My sister complained that it went on all night -- she turned it off.

At first, the national office denied that it was a national problem. But they admitted it. It will be cool if everyone who has the pagers call them -- in order to force them to stop this activity.

Notice The Change? As of now, I am still reeling from the shock regarding Sarah Pack's death. I noticed that more and more hospitals are now known as "Medical Center". It implied that it is for profit business. Pay up money, we'll save your life. No money, you'll wait bit longer -- you gotta dance with Death the best way you can do. The hospitals are quickly getting on my list of "hateful things" along with police officers.

Whatever happened to the concept of hospitals being a hospital to HELP people? Today, thanks to the American capitalism, money comes first. Many hospitals will not proceed without the approval of insurance. To me, it is not appropriate.

Another Death: Sam the Ugly Dog has died at 14. Thanks for the link, Christian.

Jose Padilla Finally Charged: After 3 years in the brig without a charge, Jose Padilla was accused by the Government that he plans to use 'dirty bomb'. He was born in the United States and was denied of his due process. Finally, after 3 years, he got the list of charges against him because the government did not want to deal with the Supreme Court's rulings. What a wuss. And the best part is that no charge from Jose Padilla has to do with the 'dirty bomb'.

According to the constitution, the American citizens has the right to have a speedy trial. 3 years in the brig before getting the speedy trial says a lot about the administration and Pentagon's respect towards the constitution.

Virginia Cavaliers Women 2-0: They are now 2-0 after posting two wins over George Washington 66-53 and Wright State 74-56. They'll play Alabama and Minnesota in Paradise Jam Tournament in Virgin Islands. I hope the Cavaliers get to issue some kind of payback to Sonny Wasilowski's favorite team!

Yes, Barry, There is One! My father told me that he informed Barry Strassler of DeafDigest that there is one Deaf person that drives 18-wheeler truck, Barry did not believe him. In fact, Barry Strassler dismissed my father's claims. Last Saturday night, I got to meet Andrew King of Dale City, Virginia, the man who held the Commercial Driver's License. He said he was very lucky -- he got the CDL, then few years later, the computers came in to screen all drivers. The state also disallowed Deaf people from driving the 18-wheeler trucks because of "safety" reasons. Bullshit.

In more than 20 years, he said he hadn't gotten in an accident and he drove his 18-wheeler truck, hurling the materials to many states. He said that many businesses that he worked with knew that he is Deaf but as long as he gets the deeds done, nothing else mattered. No, he does not use voice, use hearing aids or has cochlear implants. He is just plain Deaf who is profilic in ASL. His appearance reminded me of Elvis Presley except that he has white hair all over. I teased him that Elvis is already dead so drop dead.

Oh, yeah, Barry Strassler claimed that no one has CDLs. Not even Andrew King of Dale City. Barry thinks he knew it all.

Remember Tower Clock 2001 Yearbook Controversy? In 2001, there was a 32-page section in Tower Clock's 2001 Yearbook that was considered to be one of the most hilarious, brilliant and radical. Provost Fernie seized the yearbooks and had this 32-page section removed. I vividly recalled seeing the drama at Gallaudet about this for weeks.

I was able to read these 32-page section when my friend told me she has it. I thought it was great! It was funny, they poked fun at almost everything else. But apparently, Provost Fernie does not like it at all. So she used the excuse to indicate that "6 students and parents" do not like it. My hunch is that there were no six students at all, just only Provost Fernie, President Irvie and Vice-President Paulie did not like it because they feel it may tarnish the image they worked hard to preserve.

If you guys want to read page by page, check this link!

Deaf People Cannot Donate Blood: In Canada, the Canadian Blood Services forbade Deaf persons from donating the blood. Their reason? That Deaf people would be embarassed in talking about sensitive information in front of interpreters. That is not reasonable and good cause to forbid Deaf persons from donating the blood. Wow, some places do make us feel less than 2nd class citizen!

Two Wisdom Teeth Pulled Out: It was 50-minute performance but I felt like 5-minute. I'm so high on vicodine. Who cannot love it?!



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