Monday, November 21, 2005

JuneAnn LeFors Is Xian Nut

June Ann LeFors Is One Xian Nut! This bitch has no right to capitalize the death of Sarah Pack to fit in with her twisted agenda of promoting Xian religion. By reading her entry, June Ann LeFors is what I termed as: Fundamentalist Xian. That kind of group is nuts. They try to justify the means of something hocus pocus to define what is wrong with their lives.

Sarah is not a friend of June Ann LeFors just because she is friend to Melissa Yingst! Let's be honest here. June Ann LeFors has been greatly brainwashed by Xians to a point where if she sees a face on a palm tree, she'll say that it was done by the act of Jesus Christ.

May June Ann LeFors rot in Hell for what she wrote about Sarah Pack! Even I'm certain that Sarah would roll her eyes at June Ann's condescending comments. Sarah and I occasionally discussed about our distaste in fundamentalists (be it Islam, Jews or Xians). We loved to poke fun at them. Know why? Because we knew they were idiots.

Perhaps the best lesson for June Ann is yet to come when one of her own brats drop dead, then I'll say something about her God doing NOTHING for her! That would be amusing to see how she reacted to it. She is one big delusional bitch, issuing her opinions on everything else that she's better. Well her sin is what? Pride and narcissism. These will be the downfall of her life.

Know Who Tom Willard Is? Tom Willard used to be Editor-in-Chief for the national newspaper for the deaf, Silent News. He was pushed out of Silent News after his repeated conflicts with the owners of Silent News.

However, that is not the issue here. He was placed on persona non grata from Rochester Institute of Technology. Why? Because he tried to offer the business card to one swimmer in the locker room. Tom thought it was no big deal.

Look at Tom's face, he does fit in the image of a ... pervert, by any means. I'm sorry to say this but let's use common sense. He does look like one, is he?

I think he should know better than to offer his business card to a "prospective model" in a locker room. That, to me, is creepy thing to do. That is more of solicitation, in my opinion.

Not only that, he's 48 years old. Why was he on the RIT campus? To cruise? What was he up to? If he wants to cruise, go to Gold's Gym or any local gyms in Rochester instead.

Anyway, Tom Willard is correct about one thing -- he was deprived of due process. But it is tacky to know that he would lurk around the college campus to solicit students for his "photography" exhibits. And it is tacky to set up his own website to whine about it.

Good thing, it rained today. Am working on logistics to get myself to New York immediately to pay my respects for Sarah Pack. I am entertaining no supplicants today!



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