Saturday, November 19, 2005

Claws, Cavaliers, Club & To Subjugate

Deadly Claws! During my college years at Gallaudet, Crystal City Underground Mall was the place where Will, Jake, Dylan and I used to buy the comic books then went to dine at its food court once a month ... all we do is to hang out and make fun of books and so on.

Will once mentioned that he noticed the super-heroes tend to raise their fists in the sky as if they were clawing something as a symbol of "power". From that point, we all made fun of it on a relentless manner. Some of us would joke about manufacturing the sexual super-heroes such as Masturbator! Erectus! Jism! Cummer! Butt-Pirate!

Of course, we howled with heavy fits of laughters. Jake and Will did a lot of imitations of guys who raised their fists in the sky. It was funny.

Then on my graduation day at Gallaudet, Mom & Dad took a picture of me with Will & Jake imitating the claws thing. Not many people would expect to understand why we did it. Too bad I could not get ahold of Will these days and Jake being dead. Ahh, you got it right -- life is so just not fair.

Virginia Goes 1-1 Over The Weekend: Virginia Cavaliers Women's Basketball team opened the season with a 66-53 win over George Washington in the District. The best part is that the Cavaliers never trailed.

But Virginia football team totally sucked against Virginia Tech's Castrated Turkeys, losing at home by 38. I'm so fumed at that score.

Thanksgiving Dinner & Dingo: Went to Richmond Club of the Deaf tonight with my parents for its annual Thanksgiving Dinner & Dingo. Over 50 Deaf locals were in attendance. Among the repeated comments that I had to endure from the elders were:


If I could, I'd make sure that they do not exist in the first place. But really, it was good time. I saw Nery and Edward at the event as well! Remember Nery? Yeah, THAT. Of course, I took the picture of Nery and Edward -- holler if you want to see who Nery is. Nery is amazing woman from Cuba. Illiterate but classy.

Somehow, I was engaged in a conversation with one deaf elder woman, Kathy whose told me that his husband kept on showing people of her senior year picture in high school and claimed that the picture is his first wife and that Kathy is his second wife. Actually, the picture is none other than Kathy -- Kathy seemed to be amused and said, "MY HUSBAND ALWAYS DO THAT ALL TIME. ME DODO NOTHING BUT LET HIM TEASE OTHERS THAT ME HIS SECOND WIFE."

Shortly, she mentioned that she is aware of my orientation which surprised me but she said, "I SUPPORT YOU AND RESPECT, YOU OKAY WITH THAT?"

Of course I smiled like Hell. Soon, Nery's husband, Edward interrupted and mentioned about one deaf guy named Ralph, I believe. He went on to explain that Kathy's husband knew who he was. And that in Edward's dramatic body language, he went on to say: "ROBERT DRUNK, ME SAW HIM FALLING DOWN THE STEPS AT RCD OLD BUILDING AFTER HIS WIFE SHOVED ON HIS BACK. HE HAD BLOOD OUT OF HIS EARS -- I HAD TO SCREAM AT BLACK FOLKS OUTSIDE CLUB TO CALL AMBULANCE. 5 DAYS LATER, ROBERT FINISH DEAD. ROBERT WIFE DENY THIS BUT I SAW HER SHOVING HIM!"

The story is not important as it is to observe Edward's body language -- it is so dramatic but so eloquent to see him doing that. Nery interrupted (Nery and Edward always argued!) to tell him that she agreed with his tale.

This is the classic moment of Deaf grassroots in action.

Ahh, I played DINGO, did not win any. The gang from Fredericksburg won it all. Since my legs, arms and back are sore from a heavy workout in the last 6 days, people giving me handshakes or hugs were unbearable but understandable at its best.

Just One More? This picture strikes a chord with me. As you can see Iowa's Necole Tunsil towering above this player in white uniform, you can see Necole using her body and size to intimidate her opponent. Not only that, you can see the thousands of fans watching her intimidating others.

The picture is similar to what I do on my blogsite against the others who chose to attack me -- of course, I shall apply the intimidating factor on anyone else -- if it takes anything to do that, I will. As always.



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