Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Happy Birthday To Me!

Aww, Cute Puppy! Bizarre but yet so cute! I'm sure this dog is going to be expensive of four puppies.

Vote for Lee Trevathan! Once again, the Metro Weekly (MW) is doing its fifth annual thing on its website: To select the Nightlife Coverboy of the Year. Please vote for a certain friend of ours, David T. -- also known as Lee Trevathan. Lee is Deaf and well known in many circles. Either way, let's support him just because he's Deaf. I'm sick of hearing men winning the Coverboy of the Year each year.

Remember Representative Don Sherwood? The Conservative pig who also cheated on his wife for many years was busted by DC Metropolitan Police last year in September, 2004 when the woman complained to the cops that Don Sherwood was beating up on her. AS of now, Don Sherwood is paying her to keep things quiet. Typical conservative pig. Don claimed that he's for family values and he cheated on his wife -- It is sad that there are people like Don Sherwood who used the family values to attack others but he does not practice it as well.

What About DeafSurvivors? You know, when I learned that McWeenie set up a blog called "DeafSurvivors", I actually grinned. McWeenie wrote, "This is a blog dedicated to help deaf and hard of hearing people find each other and provide emergency info after catastrophic events such as Hurricane Katrina." -- I was skeptical by his claims to be genuine. Know why?

Because I was certain that it was short-lived. He was just hyped with Katrina's aftermath. He does not follow up on anything else after Katrina. He does not cover the recent tornado incident in Evansville, floods in New England states or even the massive earthquake in Pakistan, Afghanistan and India (I'm sure many Deafies are there!) ... the blog basically died on its own because he is not covering anything else other than Katrina & Rita.

And I was right after all. Wanna wage a bet that McWeenie will update an article or two in the next 24 to 48 hours just to refute what I said? His last posting on that DeafSurvivors was on October 18, it was about to sign up on its frappr! map in order to identify where you are. That's it. Pathetic, is it?

Bruce Heffernan Can Do Me Anyday! I always laughed each time I read this. The way he talked about it is so funny. The Onion rocks!

Last Night At BARCODE: I went to a gay bar in Downtown Richmond to celebrate my birthday with my two sisters and Darren Schledt. He looks good as usual. I had a good time at the bar. Shortly, I recognized Sean Lewis, a weekend anchor and general assignment reporter on WWBT 12 in Richmond, with another guy in the bar, apparently, he came in to pick a young fellow and departed with him. I wonder if he is out at his workplace -- especially with the fact that the state of Virginia is conservative with laws that permitted the companies to fire gays.

Know what? Some people would be pissed off if I outed him -- I really do not care. I knew of many Deaf persons trying to get a job at these local TV stations ... they routinely get dismissed without getting a chance to work in a place like this. My sole experience in television field is the non-profit organization at PBS. But for companies that are not "non-profit", I never had an experience. You do not know how MANY times I applied for a job position with the local news stations all over the country. No luck.

Why? Because when they see "deaf" on my resume, they discretely removed the resume into the trash bin, and they will claim that my experiences were not "sufficient" -- actually, they prevented me from getting that in the first place. They blatantly discriminated me and many others who wanted to work in the local news stations for years. I feel that they probably felt threatened by the fact that we can do the job -- so they kept us at bay for years. And you wonder why Gallaudet University has dropped the Television field to major in, it is because no hearie company would hire anyone who is Deaf -- yes, you can say that my first degree was completely useless. I'm being forced to find work associated with Deaf peers.

Why do you think many Deaf people worked at deaf schools, government services, deaf non-profit organizations? It is because they had no choice -- the hearing peers simply do not want us.

So do I care if Sean Lewis is being OUTed? No, not really.

UVa To Play Richmond: On December 18, 2005, Virginia Cavaliers will play Richmond Spiders at Robins Center. Know what it means? I will personally haul my parents to the game just because I wanted them to see why I loved the Cavaliers. I know my mother would whine about it but guess what?

I'll still badger, beg, whine and even pull her to the game so that she can attend her first-ever collegiate basketball game. I do not think my parents has ever done such a thing in their lives. Since they are retired, why not make their lives more interesting by coming to a game like that? I'm sure they'll enjoy it eventually.

I look forward to that day, I know it will be a hassle to convince my parents just to enjoy ONE game but it will be worth the time and energy.

Birthday Boy: Did you know that I turned 32 today? My parents also got married on November 9 ... 43 years ago. Mom told me on the way to the restaurant to celebrate my birthday and their anniversary -- she said that I was the easiest one to bore out of six siblings. I was eager to get out of her womb. She said Dad drove to the hospital pretty so fast. In fact, she said that she was supposed to be placed in the delivery room which is downstairs but they decided to move her in a room on the first floor because my head was already sticking out. And voila, I was delivered just like that. She described the whole scene to me even if I do not want to know but she just wanted me to know. It was interesting.

Oh, yeah, had a good dinner with my parents and all that.

Happy 43rd, Mom & Dad. Thanks for the dinner. Love you both, even if you're crazy. Sorry if I drive you nuts as well. But that s life, right?



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