Monday, November 07, 2005

Tidbits for Monday the 7th

Instead of NFL Players ...: You get to see two Carolina Panthers cheerleaders doing the job in some bar's bathroom in Tampa. Someone called them "LWOD" -- Lesbian While On Drunk.

Brokeback Mountain For Oscars?: Even Madonna said that the film was shocking and brave. And now the Academy Awards are saying that the film may go all the way to win the Best Picture just to rub in redstaters' faces. I say go for it!

Few Words For Someone: For your information, the New York Times and many big cities newspapers did not lose the readerships due to the inaccuracies that they made -- it is because people has shifted their attention onto the Internet where they can access the media for free. It is not all about you as you wish it to be.

For Banjo: People continues to fail in understanding the issues surrounding the District of Columbia. Unlike many cities, the District cannot expand its boundary line to keep up with the population growth. The city eventually grew so large that the majority of the District is now considered as an urban setting. And the crime rate, of course, is misleading at times. Banjo, get off from the computer and TV and visit the District. Don't rely on your friends for information. It indicated that you're speculating things as it is.

District has its flaws, but guess what? In my ten years of living in the District, not a day has passed that I even got robbed or ambushed. Know why? Because I have common sense to use the means to go out as can be. I don't cower just because the city is so bad. So lame, so coward and so stupid. I even went out to 7-11 at 4 AM with my friends. How terrible is that?! Well, there are always 5 police cars next to 7-11 store most of the times, so there!

Statistics are misleading, m'dear. If you include the population outside of the District with the city itself, the crime rate would plummet just like that. Washington, DC is not the perfect city but it has one of the nation's best Deaf Communities -- way better than yours, Banjo, anyday -- which is why you're always glued on to your TV screen or computer monitor all the time.

A Message from the Provost: Hat tip to Michelley. Thanks, hon!
From: Jane Fernandes < >
To: Jane Fernandes
Subject: Update on Recent Incidents
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2005 12:05:26 -0500

The purpose of this email is to update you on the University's response to the recent incidents involving student conduct.

GoalPost Incident
Thirty students have been charged by the University with disorderly conduct and destruction of University property. These charges will be handled through the Judicial Affairs Office and sanctions willbe issued to each student found responsible. During the goalpost incident, several false fire alarms were pulled. The
University offered a $300 reward for information leading to the identification of the perpetrators. As a result, two students, and possibly a third, will be charged with pulling a false fire alarm.

At this time, no one has been expelled or suspended. As stated in the Student Handbook, students found responsible for any violation(s) of the student Code of Conduct may receive sanctions ranging from a disciplinary reprimand to expulsion from the University, depending on the severity of the violation(s).

The University continues to aggressively investigate the entire unfortunate incident. More charges are pending the results of our investigation.

Hyatt Regency
We continue to investigate the embarassing events that took place during Gallaudet University's Homecoming on October 22 at the Hyatt Regency. The Student Body Government hosted the event at the hotel. To their credit, they are taking it very seriously and are meeting with hotel representatives to resolve issues. The Student Body Government is also expected to make charges against students through Judicial Affairs for various infractions that occurred that evening.

There is a town hall meeting at 2:00 pm today in the Foster Auditorium to discuss these events. I hope you will attend.

Jane K. Fernandes

Gallaudet University

Much ado about nothing, really.

To Mary With Love: To deny a child from playing in any sport at her school for a year just cause you can as a mother is ridiculous and childish thing to do. And you know it, darling.

Tanya Is Retard: My sister in law, Tanya, is one massive douchebag. She is control freak -- she forbade my nephew from playing in any sports, extracurricular activities, or even spending a night at his friends' houses -- or even play at the city park! At the age of 9, boys will be boys.

The best part is that when I attempt to make a suggestion to my older brother, he snapped that I am fag and that I should not say anything about Danny because I just want him to be gay. What the fuck? Billy, that is why you're stuck with your wife -- you're purely an idiot to start with. Danny is going to be reclusive, anti-social and will end up like the infamous guys in Jeffrey Dahmer, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. I felt sorry for the kid. That kid is not even allowed just to be a boy.

Tanya, you are stupid. Had been, has been and always will be. Your eyes reminded me of a fish that died in my mom's aquarium when I was a kid -- bloated, ugly and ... smelly. That is what you are!

I'm afraid to predict that the way things are going, my nephew may be the world's first redneck who is metrosexual someday!



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