Thursday, November 10, 2005

Madonna, Elton John, Enrique Iglesias & More

Why Guy Ritchie? According to this, Madonna said seeing Guy Ritchie's chest was the major reason why she is now with her husband of some years. I tried to google the internet for a photo of Guy Ritchie's chest. No luck. Anyone else has that luck? At least, I saw Ben Moore's sexy chest.

Payback Is Bitch! 13 months ago, Elton John engaged in a foul-mouthed tirade on Madonna after she was chosen as Best Live Act on some music awards. last night, Madonna made fun of Elton John's fake hairpiece on ITV1.

That Is So Cute, Enrique! I do not care much for Enrique Iglesias. I personally thought he is just another pretty boy. Until I came across this article -- I thought it was brave of him to talk about this -- I like men who has average or small dicks. I noticed that men with big cocks tend to be arrogant and cocky, but when it is time to play, they often perform badly. I feel they are so limited in their own manner. I preferred guys who improvise with what they have on their bodies. I noticed that these guys who has average or small dicks tend to overcompensate their performances in bed.

Do Not Fuck With Gays! Or you can get killed. And the gay victims may never get charged at all. Lucas Dawson of Philadelphia was charged with manslaughter after he killed a gay basher who atacked him in Philadelphia few days ago. The judge threw out the manslaughter charge because what Lucas did was based on self-defense. Good. This sends a message to gay bashers, you can die for nothing.

Just Got JSA #78 & #79 Finally, I get to read Mordru's rampage after being freed from the Rock of Eternity. But some strange things occur in the last page of JSA #79, Mordru was blasted from behind as he turned only to see an apparition-like occupying the helmet and artifacts of Doctor Fate. The message at the end of the page reads: "Read for the shocking conclusion to Fate's struggles with Mordru." I suspect Mordru is going to be the rightful owner of Doctor Fate -- or kill Nabu in the process before being displaced in the future where he is to menace the Legion of Super-Heroes in another book. Only time will tell.




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