Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Weekend In Hopewellless

American English signs? That woman, Ms. Kathryn Cleary, should be removed completely from Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf for making up the idea that there is a language like American English. The article is decidedly biased from the start. Know why? They focused only on one person, Ms. Kathryn Cleary, to argue about what's wrong with the community.

The article was done in very lazy manner -- they did not go out and search for more information from the diverse backgrounds on the subject. Cleary said, Cleary said, Cleary said ... Barf. Double jeers to this article.

Virginia Wins: Today, Virginia Women's Basketball had an exhibition -- unlike in the last 4 years, they routed EA Sports 85-55. This is a sign of good days to come. Yeah, Virginia upsets No. 24 Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech, 27-17 in football. Way to go, Cavaliers!

Another Gallaudet fella On The List: Just keep an eye on your children if they are near this guy. I do not know why Jay Baldridge is smiling in this picture. But understand this, this is free information -- you can access this at the website, but by law, you are not allowed to harass, stalk or pick on this individual. You are allowed to be aware that there is a pedophile running around you.

Uncle Bert's Clubnight: Last night, I wandered around the small town of Hopewell. Saw a local bar that I never saw before. It turned out that it was recently established. I entered the premise. There is small dance floor on the right side. Lots of women were grinding against each other. About 20 men were watching them with drools on the left side. I mean, these women were grinding so hard that some crashed on the floor.

I tried to contain my laughter. I saw few women putting their hands on the floor so that their asses can be "seen" in public as they shook their behinds. I observed things in very scientifically manner, I noticed that the caucasian males were staring at African American women. These women knew these rednecks wanted their asses. Their eyes said so.

I rolled my eyes. But the caucasian men restrained because of white women who were competing against the African American women on the dance floor. It was getting silly each minute -- then I saw one caucasian guy being shoved on the dance floor by his male friends -- all African American women were rubbing him.

I burst out laughing and walked out of the bar. Such is a life in that small town.

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