Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Stuff About Gallaudet Drama

GoalPost Picture? Check this.

Goal Post Picture II? Check this.

Funny Comments: DreamLove4 wrote this on her LJ:
WOW! Last night was the wildest ever I saw! All of Gallaudetains went insane and made everything goes so wild as out of the control! They planned to break the goal post down because the club football team record is 9-0 as the undefended team for Gallaudet University. They did try to break the goal post on Saturday night, but their mission was failed because DPS busted them. They still stubborn to annouce everyone to show up at Clerc # 505 for discussing how to break the goal post down w/o DPS bust or whatever bsbsbs... End-up everyone spread out from Clerc and ran toward the football field. Many students already shook the goal post, i meant thousand of gally students helped to break the goal post. First they did struggled, second the goal post was half to go down. That time, dps actually came quickly to try arresting those gally. DPS did arrest some students but they released them because its not fair to arrest too many students. DPS decided to call DC cops! Thats even worse! lol.... Students still mad that they werent finishing to break the goal post down. Got good idea, so gallyers ordered all dorms expect my sweet north ballard dorm sweet to make a false fire alarm to focus CRE/HRE/RA/SRA cannot handle all of us includes DPS/DC cops cannot, too. So, students can go ahead to finish their goal post down! FINALLY ABT THE TIME! THE FIRST GOAL POST WAS DOWN!!!!! All suddenly, DC cops hit one of my friends and called the ambulance! Oh man! It sounds so HUGE DRAMA! But welcome to college life, only i can say that (winkz)... Know what?? gallyers still go ahead to football field to break other goal post down. That time was from 11pm till about 2-4am. THEIR MISSIONS had successful! LOL! I think this is hiliarious because Gallaudet University football isn't yet to be division 3 and will become division 3 in two years later...

Not Amusing One: Zabrina thought it was such memorable event. Stupid gal.

As Expected: It did not surprise me that I'd find the Valencias of Arizona to be part of this drama at the hotel.

One Source From The Inside: Someone told me a while ago that he was disgusted with a freshman emptying the wastebasket right out of his bedroom window on 3rd floor of Ballard West in the broad daylight. One staff confronted this particular student about this appalling behavior. One student shot back in ASL: ME WRONG? NOTHING. I CAN DO THAT!

The way he said it in front of my friend makes him boiling red. This happened last August or September.

Theory(ies)? A friend warned me that the large majority of students that did this came from Maryland School for the Deaf, Model Secondary School for the Deaf and many mainstreaming programs at public schools. One person wondered if the changes in demographics in student body at Gallaudet contributed to the changing of attitudes as well. This is plausible theory.

After all, I already met a kid from Maryland School for the Deaf who lashed out at me just because I do not know where Spring Ridge is. I'm like, "Am I supposed to know where it is?" Later, I found out that Spring Ridge is the subdivision not far from Frederick where well-to-do deaf families resided. Here is the message to folks who lives in Spring Ridge -- who the fuck cares?

The second theory is that there are more students at Gallaudet that has wealthy parents than ever. Normally, Gallaudet has few students whose families are wealthy, but not today -- one said that there are many numbers of students that rented the rooms with no blink or sweat on their foreheads, mainly because they knew their parents will take care of it eventually.

Another Inane Comments: Pr3ttyinpink (Why is that people tend to make up the inane usernames?!) has something to say about Gallaudet.
DC Police showed up more than 5 times in a span of 3-4 hours
-some dude lit up fireworks and got arrested
-one guy got punched by police and went to hospital
-another dude jumped on a cop car and got chased by cops
ALL dorms' fire alarm was pulled repeatly every 30 minutes
the football team and some volunteers tore down the goal posts because we, for first time in 122 years, was undefeated with 9-0!
It was an interesting RIOT last night.

Unrelated to Gallaudet Fiasco: This is even amusing one, hat tip to Trudy for the link. You know, it did not surprise me that it happened in Waco, Texas!



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