Saturday, November 05, 2005

Gallaudet Volleyball, 112-2 and Cave Spring

Gallaudet Did It Again: After the football team attained its unthinkable goal of going undefeated at 8-0, the Volleyball team cruised throughout the CAC Tournament to win the Championship and an automatic berth to NCAA Tournament, beating Marymount University 3-1. For further information on this game, you can read here.

In Oklahoma: A high school basketball team massacred another team, 112-2. One Coach said that it was one of the embarrassing games that he ever had coached -- in spite that he was the one on the winning side. Interesting, though.

Laurent vs. Cave Spring: I have nothing against Laurent being built in middle of nowhere in South Dakota. A friend of mine, Sonny mentioned about this on his blogsite which I agreed completely. We do not have to do this from scratch -- there is a town that already has resources which we can pick up and build from there.

That town is none other than Cave Spring, Georgia. That town has only 975 residents as of 2000. Roughly 90 out of 975 are Deaf residents. Cave Spring is also the site of Georgia School for the Deaf.

The resources for Deaf people to pick up is already there for anyone to pick up. Georgia School for the Deaf has two campuses, one is closed -- one is open. But the one that is closed is owned by the city of Cave Spring. Suppose if the residents of Laurent come to Cave Spring instead of building from scratch in some bitter cold Midwest, it would be so easy to replace the town with the majority of Deaf residents.

The town has the bank, restaurants, bed and breakfast inns ... all you need to do is to come in and make yourselves home. Improve the school, add few deaf-owned businesses and boom, you have it. that town also is home to the spring that floated from the mountain into the 1.5 acre pool that shaped like the state of Georgia. I swam in that pool. That pool is going to make your penis disappear or your breasts decrease -- so cold.

Yes, I had been to Cave Spring -- in fact, I stayed in that town for 4 days. Time flew so fast when I was there for my close friend's wedding. It is located about an hour and half south from Chattanooga, Tennessee and 2 hours north of Atlanta. Why do we need to build from scratch at Laurent, South Dakota while we can pick this town up just like that?

For further information on Cave Spring, Georgia, check this link.



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