Monday, November 14, 2005

Tidbits for 11.14.05

Another Noble Acts By Our Own: You wonder why they wanted to kill the Americans? These things are common in the Middle East. Perhaps more than you ever think. Torture, snatch people off the streets.

What Happened When GW Bush Tried To Be Funny? This is hilarious. Check Joseph Rainmound's entry. Be sure to watch the WMV file of what Muhammad Ali reacted when GW Bush tried to joke with him. Priceless!

I'm Sure You Heard About This ...: I'm sure you heard about this female suicide bomber in Amman, Jordan on television or the Internet? She confessed on Jordan's television that her "explosive belt" did not go off as expected. I do not condone suicidal bombings at all.

But let's face the reality -- Jordan is one of few countries that refused to acknowledge the human rights. In fact, the United States routinely sent its prisoners to Egypt and Jordan so that they can torture them for the United States. You could say that the United States does not torture ... technically, but they are accomplices to the nations that tortured many people, yes, some are not innocent and many are innocent. But guess what?

I'd question the authenticity of this particular woman's confession, though.

Weird Tactic! Wonder if it will ever happen to Jeff Carlson? Check this out.

So This Begins! Dylan emailed me to warn me that there is a possibility that my favorite character, Amethyst has made a brief appearance in Infinite Comics #2 where a purple-laden woman battled The Spectre. I was bit disheartened -- The Spectre is one big nuts. He just killed the Shazam Wizard. It was said that the eradication of Magic occurs in 21st Century and only one planet far away was preserved -- that is Gemworld. Maybe something had transpired. I'm not sure -- maybe the next issue where Mordru waged a huge battle against Doctor Fate will shape the outcome of Magic itself related to Gemworld. Only time will tell. But again, again and again, the DC Comics always fucked itself up in the process from time to time. So I'll not be surprised that if Amethyst got killed, she'll be reincarnated in 20 years. Go figure.

The Workouts Begin! I have my personal trainer. Name is Barry. He's muscular hunk in his 50s. Went to get a workout today for two hours. Let's say, my upper body is destroyed. Am working on three workouts -- Mondays are for upper body workouts, Wednesdays are for back body workouts, Fridays are for lower body workouts.

Normally, I type entries in matter of minutes. It nearly takes me an hour to finish this -- that's how exhausted I am. But patience shall pay off. I'll look good in the long run. And men shall tremble before me. As always.

Tomorrow Is What? ORAL SURGERY!! God have mercy upon the planet.

UPDATE: Today turned out to be pre-oral surgery examination. The real oral surgery occurs on Tuesday, Nov. 22 -- that is the day the doctor will pull out not only one but two wisdom teeth out.



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