Friday, November 25, 2005

Post-Thanksgiving Tidbits

Ewww! I just learned that Nick Lachey's birthday is on November 9. Just like me. I never liked Nick. His smirks has to be nuked. He is getting away with everything just because he's good-looking guy. Disgusting.

Thanksgiving Stuff: McFly asked me last night about my Thanksgiving moments. My worst, favorite or most memorable Thanksgiving dinners? It is not easy to think something like that.

The worst one was the one after my Drandma died, the Thanksgiving Dinner was very somber and surreal. Later after the dinner, the siblings ended up arguing about insignificant things. It was absurd. But I guess we were frustrated in some ways.

The favorite one? I hosted my own Thanksgiving Dinner with some help from Westbury and Manny at our Morris Place -- Carl Denney. We issued many invtations to many people -- so many people showed up. It was great. I believe Toby, Larry and KT were there as well. It was simply wonderful and impromptu dinner. We just go with the flow. And did it very well. Plenty of leftovers for days! Ugh.

The most memorable? Last year at Sarah Pack's. Sarah got in touch with me and made a threat on me to show up for her Thanksgiving Dinner. I did not want to offend her so I showed up. Turns out to be one of the most interesting evenings as we had tons of food to choose and chat with different faces. Wait! There is more. There was a group of Deaf Europeans that followed Sarah's friend to the dinner party about an hour after the dinner ended! So many of us gets to meet these fellows from Europe for few hours.

Suffice to say, when I was done with the party, I headed down to The Hole (now known as The Cock Bar) in East Village for these $10 All You Can Drink all night. Just perfect Thanksgiving for me, really.

Let's Face Music: Who Wants Elton John? I'm not a fan of Music. I can enjoy it. I can rock my head back and forth like Christian Burke do. But do I know the words? Not really. I do not think Elton John is attractive. I think he's like Liberace and Richard Simmons. I do not know why David Furnish finds him so hot. Anyone care to tell me WHY?! Anyway, it was announced that Elton John will marry David Furnish -- they had been together for 12 years.

George Clooney's 2005 Perspective: Actor George Clooney said that 2005 has to be his worst year. I kinda agreed. To me, many adversities has occurred. That is to be expected. But with the death of Sarah Pack, it may confirm what I already said all along -- that 2005 is the worst year to deal with. I so am ready for 2006.

Mr. Miyagi Is Dead: As a kid, I used to have HBO. And it showed "The Karate Kid" too much. My brain was saturated with the comments and antics of Mr. Miyagi in 1980s. And that Pat Morita who portrayed Mr. Miyagi has died as well.

Who Appointed Him As Fashion God? Former FEMA Head Michael Brown is opening his own consulting business on how to handle the emergency planning. This is the same person who wrote an email to his secretary, "I got this from Nordstroms. You'd vomit at it. I'm a fashion god!"

Gallaudet Women's Basketball -- A Joke? It is distressing to note that ever since the Golden Era of Ronda Jo Miller & Touria Ouahid, the Gallaudet Women's Basketball team has not fared very well in the last 5 years. The wins has decreased, the losses has increased. And the team roster has gone down to 8. The tallest player is only at 5'9. The current team is 1-2 as of now.

It means what? It is time to replace Head Coach Kitty Baldridge with someone else.

Taking Gallaudet to NCAA Tournament twice in 29 seasons are not successful. It is dismal failure. Bill Finney coached Women's Basketball team at Marymount University for 22 years, taking the Saints to the NCAA Tournament 12 times, winning 9 CAC titles -- Bill Finney routinely recruited the local players. Gallaudet can recruit anywhere else in the country and we only can get 8 players at its best?

The evidence is there -- we needed a better coach. Kitty Baldridge is done for. Let's just retire her and put someone else in. If she refused to surrender the position, the alumni and students reserve the right to fire her from the position.

I am aware that there are several students at Gallaudet who are capable of playing basketball but chose not to because they do not want to play for Kitty Baldridge.

C'mon, let's do something to preserve what is left of the program. E-mail James DeStefano to do something about the dismal failure of Kitty's teams. Don't let Kitty run the program into the grounds. If she does, it will take years to rebound from this. Do it now.

Leaving for New York: I'm leaving for New York tonight for obvious reasons.



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