Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Night With DefBef In Manhattan!

Last night, I hooked up with Beth of HearingPeopleSuck for the whole night. Suffice to say, we pretty much talked about everything else.

On our way to Better Burger, something odd happened. Always something happened to me in New York. It was on 8 Avenue and 18th Street, Beth and I was yakking and as we croseed the street, we realized that the cars has not stopped rolling down the street so we paused just a feet away from the rolling cars.

No big deal, right? Beth and I attempted to continue chatting as one man in his 40s attempted to speak with us whether if we needed some help crossing the street. I tried to fuck him off by waving him off and focusing my attention on Beth. Beth was on me as well. This guy walked in the middle of the road raised his hands to halt the cars from moving and ordered me and Beth to come across the street.

I could not believe what he did. I quickly turned to Beth who were surprised at his antics. Lots of people winced, flinched and were confused as this man ordered us to come across the street as he held up the traffic just for us! Naturally, we went across the street and rushed as fast as can be so that this weirdo will not follow and help us on the next street.

Later, we went to XL, The Urge and yes, The Cock Bar. The Cock Bar is now at The Hole instead of its old 12th Street and Avenue B. The Hole ceased to exist and underwent a month of renovation before coming to open as The Cock -- You could say that it is now "The Cock In The Hole" Bar.

Shortly, I was greeted with my good and dearest friend, Corey Tut. I hadn't seen him in months and it was absolutely electrifying just to see him once again. He did a lot of good things to me during my stay in New York. DJ JonJon Battles and I chatted about few things. Introduced Beth to few people. Beth and I witnessed a physical fight between the stripper and some guy. Later, JonJon said something about repeated gropes. I'm not sure if I get the exact drama in that moment. But who cares? I could not believe Keisha still remembers me -- some of you may not realize that Keisha danced in several Broadway plays and one music on TV.

To quote what Beth said on her blogsite, "a hot stripper who gave us free drinks (as if RT needed any more freebies)", I may be Deaf Gay Militant but I value friendships with anyone else that has character and of course, courtesy. Corey exceeded that and more. When I first entered The Hole, I was by myself. Corey was working as the DJ -- he went out to pull me aside and chat with me. Not many hearing persons would do that. Then from there, Corey introduced me to people like Richie Rich, Amanda LePore, JonJon Battles, Nita Aviance and so on.

DJ JonJon Battles recently won the HX's Fan Favorite DJ of the Year. Did not surprise me at all. JonJon also could sign all right but his receptive skills are badly in need of tune but it is not his priority -- his priority is DJ which is his thing to do. I was bit surprised when JonJon said that he googled his name and found it on my blog. He could not find his name on my blog (I mentioned him twice or thrice in the last two years, I believe) but thought it was interesting blogsite. Gee, thanks, JonJon!

After being inundated with lots of drinks, I was pretty wasted, Corey and I embraced hard because I knew it will be a while for me to see him again. Seeing him smiling so hard when I come in The Cock makes my night very pleasant one. After bid everyone else I knew good bye, Beth and I cracked a joke after a joke until we got to our pads. Literally, we make fun of everything else, really.

It was just another great night in New York.

Oh, yeah, I finally slept at 6 AM.

Confidential to Carrie: Thanks for the pictures. About time I get this! In time, I shall see what I can do with it for my blog!

As Of Now! I'm back to where I am right now -- and tomorrow, I shall regroup and work out at the gym. Yay. I'm so looking forward to build my muscles. And to have pains in my back and legs -- boy, am I so excited about this?!



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