Wednesday, November 16, 2005

11.16.05 Tidbits

About SURFACE: In order to embarrass NBC, it is necessary to mention this to someone else. Especially by getting in touch with CNN. I agreed with Paul that we can do something about this -- how? Click on this link to tell them about this. We need to bombard them to let them know that we were offended by their repeated actions in hiring hearing ones to imitate us -- that it is newsworthy since we hadn't received a call or an email from Khalil Olmstead.

Of course, I intend to make another call tomorrow afternoon once again.

Oral Sex Causes What? Mouth Cancer, that is. But that is if you have HPV.

Tender Subjects, Is It?: My shoulders and arms are pretty sore and very stiff. I actually cannot sign above my shoulders -- that's how bad it is. Will keep up doing it. I was startled to learn that I lost 16 lbs in the last two weeks. Getting out of Gus & Jason's apartment in Norristown tremendously helped me, obviously.

In fact, if you kept on noticing that there were two pseudo-names in some comment boxes named "J.F." and "M.B." who kept on attacking me with derogatory words on my blogsite in the last few days -- they probably are none other than Joshua M. of Limerick, PA and Marb(t)y Bonales of Louisville, Kentucky or wherever he is as long as he gets to force his ex to give him the flight tickets. Some of you may remember Marb(t)y when I wrote an entry blasting him of his animalistic behavior last Memorial Day Weekend when I was in the District.

I'm so glad to get out of their hair. Staying with Gus is pretty much negative. I mean, he totally controls everything else to a pulp. Gus is pretty much a sore loser -- if you crushed his arguments, he will run to Joshua or someone else for help. It was amusing to observe how animalistic Joshua went on me after Gus ran to him for help after I trashed Gus for cheating on his partner repeatedly.

AS you can see, I lost 16 lbs in two weeks, I feel clean. I feel good. I feel free. So they resort to wage a campaign of namecallings via the comment boxes on my blogsite, how pathetic is that?! Suffice to say, I got them blocked as well.

I am entertaining no supplicants today, fools!

Update On Julie "Jules" Dalbom": Julie is now in Spadling Rehabilitation in Denver, Colorado -- I got her connected with the lawyers to sue the shit out of George Washington University Hospital for mistreating her when she was hospitalized. And she also informed me that the Metropolitan Police Department has located the person who drove the car on her and is in the process of prosecuting this person for hit and run incident. As of now, Jules appreciated the emails and cards from the blogreaders. Thanks, readers!

Rummaging Through Boxes: In the closet upstairs at my parents' house, I found a centennial book of Gallaudet's football program. I decided to scan the picture and post it for the world to see. This picture is so homoerotic. Nothing is hot than seeing a guy's hand on someone's leg!
The guy furthest right, bottom row is very hot!

Oh, this picture contains the first Gallaudet football team in 1883 -- 122 years ago, that is. Great picture, is it?



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