Wednesday, November 23, 2005

New Information About Sarah

Today, I had an opportunity to talk with Sarah's brother, Chris. The family is going through the difficult times. They are pretty in shock about the whole thing. But I was able to get some helpful information that may make us feel much better.

Sarah Pack died at 7:40 AM last Sunday of Embolism. What happened is that she had a clot in her leg, it eventually got in her lungs. The doctor said that she died instanteously.

She will be cremated and her ashes will be sprinkled in the ocean as per her wishes. In fact, she will have three services. One will be on Friday in West Haven, Connecticut. And the other one on Saturday in Manhattan, New York. The last one will be determined by the family regarding honoring Sarah's wishes.

Chris has indicated that the family is aware that Sarah's friends knew more of her desirable charities than the family do and he'd appreciate that I could get the exact information on her favorite charities and I'll be able to turn them in for Chris to follow up with the family.

The main reason why the recent donation in lieu of flowers be donated to "Gateway Christian Fellowship. In the memo, please note for Ukraine orphanages and/or services for Deaf children." is that the family is aware that Sarah was touched more about this particular one: Deaf children in Ukraine.

But he is willing to add more if anyone could email me with specific information on what kind of charities that Sarah loved.

For Sano, Chris has requested that if you wanted to donate flowers, you may do so for this Saturday by making the arrangements via the Internet or your local florist shop to connect with New York. The address is St. Elizabeth Roman Catholic Church, Deaf Church, 213 East 83rd Street (between 2nd and 3rd Avenues) New York City, N.Y.

Otherwise, the family is taking one step at a time. Like everyone else, they find it hard to believe that Sarah has departed as well. But the family is aware that Sarah has many friends scattered across the nation, Canada and Europe and few more as well.

I was cleaning the boxes in the closet -- I came upon the comic book, Wonder Woman #73, where I recalled seeing a beautiful panel of Wonder Woman leaving her home (the story has that her home, Themyscira Island has disappeared for some reasons unknown to her -- later, she found out why, though). You could see her flying away but she turned her head to look at us all. You knew someday, she'll be back. That's how I feel about Sarah.

One time, we were so bored and we hung out on her rooftop facing the skyline of Manhattan -- she asked me what kind of comic book character would I love -- I said, "Mordru, of course!" She rolled her eyes and said, "That was one dumb question, right?" Sarah once joked that if she was so thin, she'd be hot like Wonder Woman. But to me, she is Wonder Woman.

Farewell But We Shall Meet Again

Hope this message helped you in any capacity regarding Sarah.

Now is the time to celebrate her life. What is done is done, let's rock and roll. That's what she would wanted us to do. Oh, to lighten up the mood -- Sarah and I always teased each other -- many friends can attest that I do this frequently -- I tend to greet her with a line like, "Hey, you fakey ho, whassup?"

She always shot me back that this unique line, "Nothing much, you Pepperoni ho!" She is right. I have the soft spot for Pepperoni. Not in my ass, but in my mouth. Hell, I'll eat Pepperoni over anyone's cock! And Sarah was right as always!



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