Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Tidbits

Survivors' Christy Smith To Join Hunger Strike! It was reported that CBS' Survivors (The Amazon) contestant Christy Smith has left Colorado for Flint, Michigan to join the hunger strike with Ryan Commerson. Among the participants are John Clark and Adrean Clark, the owners/editors of The Tactile Mind Weekly who had been promoting, for years, to recognize ASL as the primary language to teach Deaf children.

Suffice to say, the battle has begun. I received the pictures from Michelley. I need to do some fix on these images before I upload it -- stay tuned for this tomorrow.

Michigan School for the Deaf asked for this.

Remember To Vote for Lee Trevathan! The Poll is still open. Vote for David "Lee" Trevathan, even if you're heterosexual -- we need a deaf bloc to win the whole thing -- after all, if he wins, he owes me few drinks!

Here Is The Picture of Nery & Edward: They were arguing about something else in Spanish language, I believe. When they do, their movements are swift, agile and smooth.

It is always interesting to watch Nery and Edward converse even with the fact that they are in 80s.

Virginia's New "Welcome" Sign: I hate the current one in Virginia -- it is so plain and dull. Virginia is going to change -- if you vote something other than "existing" one. I chose "Mountains". Click this for the vote.

Thanksgiving Facts? Many thought that the first Thanksgiving took place in Massachusetts between the Pilgrims and the Natives. That is not even true. The first one is in Virginia. It happened on December 4, 1619 at Berkeley Plantation. Berkeley Plantation is about 30 miles east of my parents' residence.

It was also reported that Thanksgiving was not supposed to be a "feast" but a "fast" -- by whom? Benjamin Franklin!

About Time If You Ask Me! It is official. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey is going to divorce. Of course, they both cheated on each other for months. I disliked Nick Lachey's smirk -- I hope it goes away for a long time.

Pastor Pow! A Pastor in Russia did not expect this one -- he was preaching and one of the audience leaned in and socked him in the eye. The pastor went on to preach with a blood streaming down his face. About time someone gets to do that to a pastor. Know why? For years, the pastors, preachers, priests always preached that being gay is sinful. Then the audience picked it up and bashed the gays with baseball bats and all that stuff. And these people who spewed so much hate always exonerated itself using the freedom of religion. It is nice to know that someone exercised something different -- whack a pastor out.

Moral of the Story: Don't Argue In The Car! Check this out.

Interesting Subject? I was reading Richmond Times-Dispatch in the last few days -- there is a controversy out of a prestigious school here in Richmond, namely the University of Richmond. Many alumni hated the current President. In fact, the alumni donations has plummeted after UR President William E. Cooper has attempted to steer the different policies to attract the prospects from the Northeast rather than the local ones. He also wanted to raise the academic and athletic standards (Richmond is pretty classy ...) which did not appeal to the alumnus.

And the recent blunt of Dr. William E. Cooper's comments to the staff members, "The entering quality of our student body needs to be much higher, if we are going to transform bright minds into great achievers instead of transforming mush into mush, and I mean it."

They are losing the alumni funds. See the pattern? If we do not like the policies of Provost Fernie, Vice-President Paulie and President Irvie at Gallaudet -- all we have to do is to stop donate and talk to the media about their lackadaisal problems. Especially with Provost Fernie.

If the University of Richmond Alumni can do this, so can Gallaudet Alumni -- the students of Gallaudet cannot succeed without the backing of Alumni to fire Provost Fernie.

Think about it.



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