Friday, November 04, 2005

Stuff To Ponder on Friday Night!

My Allergy Flared Up: Last night on the road, I sensed that my allergies flared up. When I get to a certain place, my allergies exploded like Mount Vesuvius, overwhelming Pompeii. It was not funny thing to deal with. My allergies often flared up during the autumn season, when the climate changed from the summer to the winter, I'd have a long period of unstoppable sneezing.

Straight Guys Do Bareback, Too: Good thing Sundiata Bashir is in the jail. Will you ever see McWeenie talk about this "phenomena"? Unlikely, of course.

*sharpening my knives*: The sounds you heard is correct. It is reserved for certain few. Guys and gals, how do you feel for a guy who consistently cheated on his partner each time his partner went out of town? What is your feeling on this subject? As for me, I do not feel comfortable being friends with this particular guy who consistently cheated on his partner. I reserved the right to discard this person out of my life, I mean ... if he cheats on one, it means he can cheat or lie on me as well. so in other words, I rather to discard him in the trash bin, right? He said that I am being judgemental and that I should butt out. I am not getting involved but I do not have to tolerate his antics toward others! Do I make any sense?

Coach Admits He Is Illiterate: But still coached the team to win the Stanley Cup in 1993. Interesting article.

Guess Who?

Two New Polls: The first poll which I asked whether Rayni Kaika looked like Marilyn Monroe, 49% agreed with me in 113 votes as of now. Look for the newest polls in the next entry.



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