Friday, November 11, 2005

Mordru Rules

Howard Stern & Relay Service: My good friend, Chris and I chatted online today. I told him about the evolution of relay service and its impact on Deaf Community. Chris is hearing fellow who graduated from Dartmouth College whom I loved very much. He said, "Oh, is that relay service? I once heard Howard Stern doing this to a deaf guy via the relay service! Howard made fun of this deaf guy via the relay service!" I was bit surprised by this -- is this true?

Either way, it is apparent that Howard Stern did not call directly to Trudy Suggs, Carl Denney or me -- we would make him look bad just like that. Too bad for us.

Gallaudet Volleyball Season Finished At 23-12: After posting 3-0 win over Notre Dame College of Maryland, they succumbed to No. 2 Juniata College 3-0 in the NCAA Division III Mid-Atlantic Regional Semifinals. Juniata (33-5) advanced while Gallaudet closed the season at 23-12 under the first year of Head Coach Lynn Ray Boren. The future is bright for the volleyball team at Gallaudet.

Only God Can Save You, Pat Robertson! In Dover, Pennsylvania, the school board decided not to include "intelligent design". Pat Robertson, that Xian nut from Virginia Beach retorted: "I'd like to say to the good citizens of Dover: If there is a disaster in your area, don't turn to God. You just rejected him from your city,"

A resident of Dover shot back, "If Pat decides to visit Dover, he'll need God's help."

Well said!

Steve Courson Dead: My good friend from Pittsburgh, Nanc, is going to mourn this man for days to come. Steve Courson was instrumental figure that helped Pittsburgh Steelers to win the Super Bowl twice in 1978 and 1979. Steve Courson was the first NFL player to admit that he used steroids -- suffice to say, he was let go from the NFL. He was ill with heart disease, attributed probably by his use of steroids, but he cleaned up his act -- too bad, at the age of 50, he attempted to sway his dog away from the tree that he was cutting down -- and the 44-foot tall tree ultimately killed him and injured his dog. I know you guys are snickering ... but let's be serious for a minute. Shoot, I give up. Go ahead and laugh!

Bah! We Already Had This At Gallaudet! Some would say that Carl Denney, Lance Mann, Rob Voreck, David Simmons and yes, some accused me as well. Gallaudet has its shares of students who stayed in college for decades. I do not think Johnny Lechner is any different from these that were accused at Gallaudet.

WWBT 12 NBC ~ Jefferson Pilot Company Sucks! I emailed the persons to question them whether if they had hired a deaf person -- no, hard of hearing persons do NOT count at all! -- that used ASL as a primary language. Then I made few calls, they kept on transferring me to different persons until I got stuck with what? Voice mail messages.

Trust me, fellas, they are discriminating Deaf people. The local TV stations, wherever they are, they do not hire a deaf person. They won't! They claimed that they do not discriminate. But they kept on transferring the phone calls so many times that I counted more than 10 different persons ... I could not get ahold of anyone else who is responsible for a certain department that hires anything else, really. Let's face the music -- the hearing people do not want you! They do not want you to do their jobs. They only want you to do the menial jobs and shut up!! If you mention that you're Deaf, they quickly transfer you to someone else ... and you end up being stranded wtih some god-damned voice mails.

This calls what? Vengeance, of course.

Does The CIA Has Right To Do This? The CIA has no right to snatch anyone else from some country and transport an accused one to a country that actively supported the use of torture. This indicated that the CIA has no respect for Italian authorities or its laws, the CIA is one of many Americanism arrogances at its best. Now the Italian Authorities are issuing the extradition of several CIA officers -- do you truly think the CIA will respect its demands? No, never will. The CIA thinks they can barge in any country and snatch people out of their homes without proof of their guilty or innocence and claim that it is for the national security. What a hogwash tactic. Shame on CIA.

Yes ... I Know! The pictures you are seeing is from JSA #78 and #79 -- you can click on each image to see it up close. What happened is that Mordru managed to get himself free from his prison inside the Rock of Eternity. After attacking the Shazam Wizard, he went on to kick JSA's butts. But in the process, he was blasted from behind by someone else. That someone else is none other than the apparition using Dr. Fate's artifacts to challenge Mordru. One has to find out what happened next in JSA #80. Cool panels, is it?

But the whole concept is how I feel when I deal with fucking hearies out there. Mordru wants his own way to do whatever he wished -- so do I!



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