Tuesday, November 08, 2005

11.8.05 Tidbits

About Time The Post Tackled This! It is about time that The Washington Post finally had an article on Crystal Meth and its impact on gay people in the District. Again, the picture should depict the worst side of Crystal Meth, they chose the pretty boy to do the trick. Think it will discourage gay men from using Crystal Meth? Hat tip to Christian for the link.

No, It Was Not Meth Lab! Apparently, cats did this.

Double Standards! It is full of shit. In Minneapolis, the Minnesota Vikings football players were exposed by its local news that they engaged in a massive orgy on a boat. What did the NFL do about it? They did not suspend the players, they merely investigated. The cops did not arrest the folks that were involved on the boat. Blah, blah. But in Tampa, two NFL cheerleaders engaged one-on-one fuck in the woman's bathroom at a bar, caused the long wait for others patrons to use the bathroom -- making other patrons pissed off and engaged in physical fight. Result is what? The Carolina Panthers cheerleaders were subsequently arrested for assault, sex in public place and they were swiftly removed from the cheerleading squad. You do not see that with men, but you do see that in women. For further information on the whole drama thing, click this. Hat tip to PJ.

6 Soldiers Charged with Rape: So much for our noble men in the Armed Forces -- what a Sempfer Fi!

Oral Surgery: Today, went to see the dentist to get the answers about my teeth. The dentist confirmed that I did not floss enough. That is entirely true. I really hated to floss -- because when I try to use the floss, I always did it too hard to a point where my gums bled. So fuck it.

The main reason why I went to see the dentist is because at the end of my left tooth, there is some kind of pain on my gum -- it turns out that the tiny wisdom was colliding against the muscle in the back. And the Dentist said that this required the oral surgery to remove this tooth. The appointment is November 15th at 10 AM. I guess after that, I'll be able to kiss well from now on.

Know what I look forward to? Painkillers. That is what gets me going. The painkillers always made me dream so well to a point where I imagine what it is like to rule the universe and so on.

Mainly, the dentist said that they'll have to extract my left, lower wisdom teeth so that the muscle can be "free" to press on that spot. If I eat chicken or steak, it often found its way to that particular tooth where it gets stuck between the muscle and tooth -- result is that it drives me nuts.

Oh, yes, that is the picture of my teeth.

Sonny No More Xanga! Now my good friend, Sonny Wasilowski of Macon, Georgia has decided to set up his blogsite dedicated to deaf-related activism which I think is excellent thing to do in the long run. Look for his link on your right side.

Definitely Morbid: In Brisbane, Australia, men will do anything, really.

Remember Caleb? Remember the mysterious guy in the basement in a show called Desperate Housewives whose we learned that his name is Caleb? The actor, Page Kennedy, was fired for "improper conduct". I'm curious about this one.

For The First Time ...: A victim killed a gay basher. Good for him! About time if you ask me. I never heard of an incident where a gay guy gets to defend themselves to a point where others died in gay bashing incident.

Gallaudet Volleyball In NCAAs: No. 4 Gallaudet will square off against No. 5 Notre Dame (MD) in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. If they win this game, they advance to the second round versus No. 1 Juniata College. Congrats to the ladies -- good luck! For the information, go to this.

Am heading out to BarCode tonight to celebrate someone's birthday. That guy will be 32 tomorrow. Go figure.



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