Thursday, November 24, 2005

Barry Strassler Is Hilarious

I stopped reading Barry Strassler's postings except to scour the job postings. But a friend of mine told me today to check a certain comment that Barry Strassler made about Rosa Parks.

I found it -- and it amused me to no end.

Barry wrote:

Rosa Parks has been pretty much lionized in the news for changing the course of civic rights. All this woman wanted to do, one day in the fifties, was to sit down on a city bus.

Did she help the deaf? Indirectly, yes. Her actions sparked groups of disabled to fight for their own rights. And when disabled groups fight, it also rubs off on the deaf. And we, in turn, advocate for our rights.

It all started one hot summer day in Alabama with Rosa Parks.

Thank you, Rosa.

When did December 1, 1955 become one hot summer day in Alabama?

Says it all, eh?



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