Saturday, November 19, 2005

A Message From Sarah

A dear friend of mine wrote her own blog, Just Wondering Outloud could not update her blogsite because she had been hospitalized for almost two weeks in a row. She paged me to request that I publish an entry for her in order to share the message with her readers.



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Good news!

Finally transferred from NYU Medical Center (Tisch) to Rusk Institute next doors for intense rehab last nite. Today is my 12th day of hospitalization. Well, just looked at the clock and its around 2:30 AM. Make that 13th day. Still can't walk, move or
feel my left leg or lower back.

Can't even tell when I need to piss or poop. But, that will change. Am already able to move waist a bit without too much pain. It was so excruciating and helpless during the few days prior to being brought to the ER via ambulance. Was in neurosurgery unit. They thought I'd need back surgery. Fortunately they later determined I didn't and I eventually transferred to regular neurology unit. Thurs nite, transferred to Rusk for intense inpatient rehab after insurance finally approved!

What I do feel is intense excruciating pain in back and left leg. They finally pinpointed source and location on spine that weakens my left leg and causes such pain in lower back and leg. Just sat for the first time today. Hurts like hell but hey. Gotta start somewhere! One step closer to walking and regaining independence.

Normally, I'm self-conscious and private. But, quite frankly, when u can't walk, move much, go to the bathroom or bathe, u really don't give a shit abt "privacy." U need these precious nurses. They've been great. We joke a lot. Its better to use sarcasm and humor to get thru stuff when u have to.

I admit I've had mental guns and armory tanks ready to shoot when its painful or am being transferred to a gurney for another test, those damn doorway and elevator bumps, few test machines, etc. But kept my personal promise that I wouldn't turn into a bitter bitch.

Pain sucks. Immobility sucks. Incontinence sucks. But, the thought and determination of walking again and being "independent" again is strong in my mind. I look forward to smelling fresh air once again.

And, tomorrow, I will finally have my hair washed for the first time in 2 weeks! Have my shampoo, etc ready for this!

Feel free to visit anytime. They're very flexible with visiting hours for me, so u can visit anytime after 2 PM til nite. They will let folks visit me after 8 pm too.

I'm at Rusk Institute (at NYU Medical Center) which is at 1st Ave and 34th St. Entrance is on 34th st. I don't have the specific mailing or visiting address besides the entrance. You can google it. I'm in Room 119, Bed D.

Feel free to page me at

No internet access, so emails to the pager are well-welcome as well as visits! Visits brighten up my day! Folks seem to visit every few days. If u have free time, come on over! U know what its like being w hearies for so long.

U can even email me Seinfeld type emails, ramblings, or just short or long notes. Anything from deafies are welcome after being in this hearing mouth-flapping hole for nearly 2 weeks.

Thanks for posting this for me, Ridor.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Hugs, Sarah Pack

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