Thursday, November 03, 2005

Tidbits for 11.3.05

Royal Visit: Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla is on an official tour in this country for the first time since 1985. That is 20 years ago. However, it is interesting to note that every cities that they planned to visit, all cities are heavily populated with open-minded Liberals & Democrats: New York, Washington DC, New Orleans and San Francisco.

Fantastic Advertisement: I kept on getting this from many friends via the email. The last one came from Zachary, an incredible sweet, good-looking hearing guy who is also fluent in ASL from New York. In this video, the person as a bankteller used to be a student at Gallaudet for some numbers of years. Long story, but that guy is identical twin from Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is known that one is gay, one is not. But the truth is that both are, one is out of the closet, one is not. Get it?

As for the comments that some cannot understand the French words on the film, I once took French under Ms. Carole Frankel at Gallaudet and ... yes, Dr. Rachel Hartig. It was fun weathering the explosive antics of Ms. Frankel and lackadaisal dull of Dr. Hartig. It says:
"The world is harder when it's not conceived for you.
From now on, the EDF spaces are accessible for all."

Marriage Is A Form Of Slavery: Years ago, men purchased women from their fathers, they often had a ceremony, similar to today's wedding, that cements the trade of properties to the other. Which is why many feminists often shouted, "Sold! Sold!" at women who got married in churches.

Now, many frantic Xians, conservative pigs and lying Republicans are working hard to mislead the public that to drive the law to ban the same sex marriage is not to discriminate on gays, but to protect the idea of marriage between man and woman. C'mon, don't give me that shit.

It is not the ceremonial that gays are after for. It is about the benefits that comes with marriage that enabled between two persons as one. That means what? It is my right to obtain one if I want it whether if you like it or not.

Ex-Gays Are Not Real: Trust me, many clamored that they were "cured" of homosexuality. Each time, they claimed, I rolled my eyes. There are many persons out there that said they are now straight, but in reality, when nobody is looking, they ran off to a gay bar or an adult bookstore to solicit unsafe, anonymous sex before going home to their wives.

Hell, I see that many times in Union Station's bathroom next to Sbarro Restaurant -- you can see many Congressional aides finishing their day of work and strolling in that bathroom for as long as an hour! Does one has to pee for an hour? Use your common sense. When they are done cumming in someone's mouth, they hit the Metro to their homes and greeted their oblivious wives with a kiss and a hug.

And you wanted to protect that value?

SouthPark Nailed It Well: Last night, the new episode of SouthPark rocks! It talked about gay marriage. Apparently, what happened is that Mr. Garrison, the teacher at the school where Eric, Stan, Kyle and Kenny attended, had a lover named Mr. Slave. Mr. Garrison decided to undergo the sex-change operation and is now Mrs. Garrison. Mr. Slave does not want a female, he wanted a male. So Mr. Slave found his beau in Big Gay Al and is slated to be married under the same sex legislation bill which needs the Governor to sign on a Saturday. When Mrs. Garrison found out that Mr. Slave is going to marry Big Gay Al, Mrs. Garrison organized the drive to force the Governor to veto the same sex marriage bill to derail the marriage of Mr. Slave and Big Gay Al. Of course, drama ensued.

But of course, the ending has its happy ending -- we always win. Xians always lost. Har har! *snorts*

A Message from Mike Higgins, Gallaudet SBG President: There is an email circulating to the student body at Gallaudet regarding the fiasco surrounding the Homecoming Ball at Hyatt and the goalpost mob.
From: Campus Activities <>
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Sent: Wed, 2 Nov 2005 14:50:58 -0500
Subject: Letter from the Student Body Government President

Fellow Students of Gallaudet,

A few situations have taken place the past few weeks that have affected all of us here at Gallaudet University, either directly or indirectly. I, as the Student Body Government President, feel like I have a responsibility to speak to the community. What you will read here comes right from the heart. I believe that this kind of thing should be said face to face, but because we never have all our students in one place at once, I want to e-mail you all. I am deeply disappointed by the events of the past 10 days.

On Homecoming weekend, we had our Homecoming dance at the Hyatt. Homecoming is supposed to be something fun, and filled with tradition and pride at being a Gallaudet student. The Student Body Government Homecoming Committee put quite a bit of time into the planning of this event to make it a success for everyone involved. Then a group of students just decided that they didn't have to follow the rules of common courtesy. They either forgot or ignored the fact that there were other guests staying at the hotel. The average price for a room in the Hyatt is about $200 dollars a night. If you had paid that much, wouldn?t you want a relaxing stay and a good night's sleep?

I have absolutely no respect for those students who thought the world revolved around them that night. Because of those students, everyone else will have to pay the consequences. Is that fair to the rest of us? Not at all, but that?s how the world works. We were trusted to behave decently at an event off campus, and now we lost that trust. I don't know how we can earn that trust back, but I do know it will take time. Most of us are only Gallaudet students for four or five years, and that's just a short time in our lives. Why would we want to do something that limits the opportunities that we have during this time? The students who come after us will also suffer the consequences. A few students have made the rest of us here at Gallaudet, and also the Deaf community look bad. I hope these individuals understand this.

And then, only a week later, we have this other thing that happened at the football field. Yes, the football team went undefeated and yes, they deserved to celebrate their achievement. However, the way that they chose to do it was not appropriate at all. It doesn't matter that the athletic department had replacement goalposts ready, the thing that everyone is forgetting is how dangerous something like that is. A human life is a priceless thing, and those students involved forgot about that. As the Provost said, only two weeks ago, someone died doing the exact same thing.

I am sure the students at that school thought it would be fun and nothing would happen to anyone. Now, nobody got hurt here and we can consider ourselves lucky. However, what do you think would've happened if someone had been injured, paralyzed or, even worse, killed? We would have had to explain to parents what happened and seen friends grieving. Hardly a fair tradeoff for celebrating an undefeated season in my opinion.

Many of us have had challenges and experiences in life, and those lessons should prepare us for how to react to situations as they pop up. I ask each student here on Kendall Green to think twice before doing something that affects the well-being of not only themselves, but those of others. We need to work together to figure out how to ensure that these kind of situations don?t happen again. Ignoring the situation or getting upset about this solves nothing.

Over the next few days I will be contacting student leaders to ask for their support and ideas. I plead with you to take what we say seriously, because we only want what is best for Gallaudet and our students. Right now I am envisioning a town hall style meeting where everybody can gather and share their thoughts. The most important thing to come out of this is for us to develop a plan to restore trust and respect with our administration, with the Hyatt, and with others who may question the behavior of the Deaf community. I have always been proud of calling myself a Gallaudet student. The past week, I have not been. I want to change that. To do so, we need to work together.



Any opinion on this? I think it is just cheap words, it was mentioned that the Buff and Blue newspaper already had two articles on civility prior to the fiasco. Apathy rules as usual? All I can do is sit back and eat popcorns.

"I am a fashion god": Can you guess who said that line?