Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Perlis' Tales of the City & Few Things

Perlis & King's Close Encounter Of Third Kind! A story that may be very common in New York than anyone else might care to admit! This is the story that has to be told.

The preceding events occurred last summer (2005) in NYC. King and I were riding the L train back from the Bowery where we had attended ASL Poetry night. We were sitting facing each other, chatting about this or that. While King was talking to me, behind her stood a man, with some kind of material draped over his arm.

At first I did not even look at the man, he was in my line of vision and standing by the subway sliding doors. Of course, I saw something moving out of the corner of my eye, something shaking. So I broke my gaze away from King to see what it is, as you know how us Deafies are when something moves in our line of vision, we must investigate!

Well! Wouldn’t you know it, the man had his penis out mere inches from King’s head and was jerking OFF! No, not cumming, but tugging and looks like a bit of grunting too! Funny the material draped over his arm could have been used to cover his antics, but instead he had it to the side and his Johnson in full view, little pink thinging...

I instinctively yelled, "Put THAT away!" the man looked startled and quickly zipped his one eye snake away. Meanwhile King, poor thing had no idea what had happened but knew I was yelling because everyone behind us was looking in our direction. King was confused and I was too busy glaring at the man to explain. He moved away about one foot and then proceeded to whip his "mini me" out again and have another go at it, again I yelled, “YOU PUT THAT AWAY, PUT IT AWAY NOW!!!!"

By now King knew something was seriously off, and the man moved to the opposite side of the car sliding doors, at the next step, I said loudly “Go on, go on” for him to leave which he did. Now, I don’t think the man had all of his marbles, and perhaps this is the only way he can get off but all I can think is how my deaf voice is forever ingrained in his mind. Probably late at night when he’s home alone, in bed, he might be replaying the incident over and over again, thinking of how good the back of King’s head looks and plays my voice along plays with his bedroom activities.


Such is a life in the City, is it? Hahaha!

To Deb With Love: Know what amused me the most? Your being Jew and tolerated Xian's abusive rhetoric arguments. Don't you realize that JuneAnn's talks also condemned you to her idea of Hell just because your religion does not believe in Jesus? Don't you realize that JuneAnn, by her beliefs, views you as unequal and short of everything else -- JuneAnn is being nice to you but she knew that you are going to Hell just because you do not subscribe to Christianity's hocus pocus beliefs.

To whine about one thing on my blog regarding your brother and sister in law is even hilarious. It was written by someone else. I frankly do not care who is being said to the other. But let's face the reality, your brother is like that. And unfortunately for you, many agreed. That is why you were pissed off and decried about my blog each week. How many people other than your friends read your stuff? 5 per week?

To claim that my blog is full of negatives while you choose to overlook thousands of positive entries is such a baloney and you knew it. After all, people who lives in glass houses should not throw stones at others. Nobody cares about you and your nobody "Nick Who?"! And I think many would be displeased with the fact that a parent would smoke marijuana in front of their children, Deb.

In an attempt to turn the tables on me, I already got 4 emails from people willing to offer me their help to defend my turf, Deb. You better be careful in tread the grounds if you do not know how to land properly.

The whole point is that you had no business getting involved in something that you are not familiar. One thing that has not changed from day one about you -- you are so desperate for attention. Having a kid is not enough? You wanted more? Or what?

Oh, by the way, you claim that I was the Queen of Gossip back in college days, you may be right, it is entirely subjective. You need to know where the sources that I got from. Many of my sources are diverse, the ones that can be accessed from any groups. Including yours. You seemed to neglect that you supplied me with hardcore information to start with. Or dare I say that you forgot about it?

It is not about how bitter or angry I am in my life -- it is about to protect who I am and conversely, my real and true friends! It is too bad that a girl gets herself in jail for trying to buy weed and decided to frame her ex-girlfriend (who happens to be my best friend) for rape. And for you to advocate that kind of behavior is amusing and ridiculous, really.

What JuneAnn did is the classic example of Xian nut. What you defended your turf is normal, but to lash out at me at times is silly. Make better use of what is left on your website, Deb. You need it more than I do.

Confidential to GrayStorm: Get a fucking spine.

Best AWAY Message: McFly IMmed me today to tell me that s/he got this amusing AWAY message from someone else, it reads:
WARNING: Gally may cause anal leakage due to excessive bullshit.
Brilliant quote!



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