Monday, August 30, 2004

You know ...

Today I walked to work like I normally did on a daily basis. Normally at 8:45 AM, East Village is pretty dead except for the commuters. Most people are either in bed, recuperating from drinking or drugs. Did I just generalize the East Village people? I did, I was being sarcastic. But today was bit different, people were pumped. They were alert and excited. They were thrilled to have the opportunity to bash these Republican idiots who thought they deserved the "welcome mat" in this town. If I heard that the Republicans got mugged, I'll say that they deserved it. They sucked the middle and lower classes out, so it is their turn to mug it back.

One elder lady had a poster as she walked me by, "Vote for Kerry, Bush is Satan!"

I love this town already.

Last Friday, there was a news report that GW Bush actually dodged the draft when he seeked a Democrat to help him out. No controversy these days. Why? It is a hypocrite. When Bill Clinton was accused of dodging the draft, Republicans were brutal. But not GW Bush? Hypocrites.

What really pissed me the most is that one reporter noticed the lavish freebies at Madison Square Garden with free fancy food and alcoholic beverages. The reporter asked the RNC organization where they get the money from? Their response was: "We do not have to answer this question."

The only option to find out where our money went will be in October when the audit comes out. I suspect the Republicans are using our money for their pleasure. Somebody has to kick their asses.

So far, Bush has not impressed me with anything else. He is using 9/11 tragedy to promote that he's doing such a good job. Pitiful strategy but it is working with these backward idiots back in the Midwest and in the South.

My friend just informed me that the Union Square is still vibrating with protests. Gotta check it out after work.

I just read the reports that Nardicio, a guy who promoted these wacky Triple XXX events, mentioned that Gov. McGreevey's former lover, Golan Cipel -- who claimed that he is heterosexual and that he was just sexual harassed by Gov. McGreevey -- that Golan was "frequent" at Nardicio's events. What does it sounds like? A Republican closet-case.

I got the message that Benis is coming back to NYC this week. Whatever suits him well, he has been delaying bit too long to a point where I am not sure anymore.

Oh, yeah, the site meter informed me that I've passed 10,000 level where people viewed my blog. Thanks for reading my thoughts which is, at times, bizarre, filthy and funny. Up next is 20,000. :-)

Guys, guys. I am contemplating about taking a week vacation to Phoenix in October. If that is the case, expect the reports out of Phoenix for a week. But as soon as I can, I am heading out to New Hampshire or Vermont for few days of vacation. That sounds good? It is.


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