Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I Have No Right To Tell Them How To Live Their Lives!

Again, again and again, people needs to back off when it comes to abortions. It is woman's right to abort.

Many already proved that when it comes to the abortion, women did not do it without a major consideration. They did not abort 504 times just because. The doctors also advised that repeated abortions may have an impact on their uterus. So women are extremely careful when it comes to deciding things like that.

Men, Pope, and Bishops has no right to decide for women. Let it be a choice for women. After all, they do not get pregnant. Only women.

Ever noticed that the majority of pro-life are men. Of course, they want to control women. Wanted to tell them how to live their lives. How to do this, that and there. Because God said so. Because I said so. Because the Spirits said so. Fuck this.

It is not your business.

When I hear people saying, "I approve abortions if it was incest or rape." I'm like, whatever. Get a clue. It is not like that, the women still have the right to do whatever it wants to do with their bodies.

Until the day, men are capable of carrying babies, men has no right to decide nor talk about the abortion.


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