Monday, August 30, 2004

Bobbie & Avery

While at work, I was doing some paperworks -- somehow I thought of Bobbie, my former houseparent at VSD. She was absolutely great. She is Deaf woman who graduated from Gallaudet some years before I did.

She now teaches at VSD, I believe. But back then, she was a temporary houseparent. There was a shower room where there are six stalls, 1 bathtub (but nobody uses it), 8 sinks and one standing urinal. The standing urinal is for male students who woke up in the morning and went to the shower room to shower but could not hold the piss -- so it was a quickie urinal.

Back then, female houseparents are permitted to barge in the shower room and toilet area, of course, to make sure that nobody is doing "naughty" thing.

One boring Sunday afternoon, I woke up from a nap. My dorm bedroom was right next to the shower room. I had to piss so bad. I cannot walk down the hallway to the toilet area. So off to the standing urinal I went. I violently pushed the door open as it banged on the tiles and created a loud vibration inside the bathroom ... when I entered the room, the door slammed back into where it belonged. God, I love these thick doors. So loud wham-bams!

I stood and pissed. Ahhhh. I turned to see one stall out of six stalls whose the shower curtains were closed. I yelled with a high-pitched voice because it will cause a loud vibration bouncing off the tiles. Sure enough, Avery pushed the curtain open and said, "What? I'm busy."

Avery was kneeling. I grinned, "Who are you sucking?"

"Brian. Shh!"

Brian peeked out and snickered. I rolled my eyes. He pulled back inside. Avery said, "If anyone comes in, yell or create something loud so we can stop, ok?"

I nodded.

As I was nearly done with pissing, Bobbie came in. I was never shy when it comes to piss in front of Bobbie -- she may be the only female in the world that I can piss in front of. Bobbie said, "Anyone here?"

She pointed to the curtain-closed stall, "Who's there?"

I yelled so loud that the vibrations bounced off against the tiles. Avery should be able to hear or feel this, at least. I yelled twice. Bobbie turned to look at me quickly, "What was that for?"

I tried to talk about something else, but she was walking towards the stall. I tried to stall her but she pulled the curtains open.

Avery was kneeling down with Brian's dick in his mouth. Avery was stunned that he did not pull himself out. Brian was also stunned and did not pull it out as well. I looked at the whole shit with horror. Avery then pushed Brian out, his dick popped out of Avery's mouth.

"Did you plan to have safe sex?" Bobbie asked casually.

Avery nodded, Brian pulled his pants up. I snickered. Bobbie said, "There is no point in telling what to do about it, just finish it up and see me."

Bobbie left. At that moment, Brian and Avery lost the motivation to continue this escapade.

But this is the funniest sex-bust I ever had witnessed. Avery's face was absolutely priceless.

Later, I talked with Bobbie about why she did not bawl at them for doing this? Bobbie said, "For what? They are both 18. They are sexually active. They have to deal with me in private after they re done with this. I do not think it is appropriate to stop someone from having sex with each other while they are in the midst of it. Just wait 'til they are done, then I'll administer some kind of consequences."

I knew I loved Bobbie from that point on.


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