Tuesday, August 03, 2004

My Review of Amish In The City

For a long time, I thought I was the one who can be mean when I wanted to ... until I saw Kevan and Nick's behavior towards the Amish folks. That was humiliating. Perhaps, one day, I hope I have the chance to humiliate you, Kevan and Nick.

As for the sock slapping incident, I promise you that it will be one of most memorable scenario in the history of any reality shows. It will be documented as the most bizarre thing ever. Reese is just pitiful horny faggot.

The city kids lacked the compassion and dignity for others but themselves.

I thought Mose's hairy chest was absolutely stunning. Very sexy. I think Kevan, Nick and Reese are just typical clones of Abercrombie & Fitch crap who is obsessed with vanity. Shaved his hairy chest?

Mose's terrifying experience in the oceans was something that the city kids should not make fun of. It smacked off their stupidity and childish. When I was a kid, going to the beach for the first time was an overwhelmingly experience. My sisters warned me that the waves are pretty rough. And that I should keep an eye on it. I approached it with a cautious tone. So when the waves hits my knees, I fell. Of course, I was shocked. But I was prepared for that.

The city kids never warned the Amish folks about that. To me, that demonstrated the lack of compassion and empathy.

I am rooting for the Amish folks to perform well in the next 9 showings.

God, I knew if I have a role on The Osbournes with Sharon, the government will step in to censor it because what I am capable of bringing the most outrageous people on the show that could shatter millions of people's lives. That would be nice, I can always dream ... !


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