Thursday, August 19, 2004

Hamm, Drunkard, Paris Hilton

Why is that people checked and typed anything with "gay" in it along with "Paul & Morgan Hamm" and directed to my blogsite?

I never said that they are gay. It is true that I think they are hot, gorgeous and all that. But I never said they are gay.

And I was happy for Paul Hamm who came from behind at 12th place to win the gold medal in Athens. They also showed a bit of the Hamms' Barn -- it is HUGE. Paul deserved it -- even I wanted Morgan to be part of this -- but I'm sure he is. When Paul learned that he won the gold, he was floored, excited, bewildered and pumped up. And humbled. That is sexy. Way to go, Paul!!

I watched the swimming meets, it is becoming of a rivalry these days between the United States and Australia -- very healthy, if you ask me -- but what made me look at Aussies differently is that its population is only 27 millions and the United States has 250-plus millions, and yet Aussies were able to compete with us very well. Kudos to Aussies.

There is an article that you guys will enjoy --
have fun reading this! Obviously, this one has a good taste -- the local ale is always better than the cheap beer.

Some of you asked me why I termed Melmira as Deaf Paris Hilton -- after chatting with a friend, we agreed that she dressed very well. She always look gorgeous and loves to shop. Like Paris Hilton -- I hadn't met a deaf woman who does that *all* the time. So I decided to use the term on her. It is a compliment, really.

Speaking of Paris Hilton, she is lucky that her dog, Tinkerbell, was found safely. Next time, it won't be. She lives in the area where there are plenty of coyotes, mountain lions and bobcats. Paris, next time, you'll see Tinkerbell butchered.


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