Friday, August 27, 2004

350th Entry: Paul Hamm Is In Town

This is my 350th entry. If I reach 365 entries before September 14, that would mark 1 entry per day, because that date is the day I started blogging.

International Gymnastics Federation has to back off from hounding Paul Hamm. Paul does not have to surrender his gold medal. It is all that idiotic Celizic's fault for writing up an article, urging Hamm to surrender his gold medal out of a goodwill gesture. BACK OFF! LEAVE HAMM ALONE!

The comments, "Back Off" reminded me of a cheapskate drama that occured when I worked as Summer Resident Advisor at Peet Hall. This happened when a friend got an IM from Mark to "back off". My friend did not understand nor know why Mark said so. Then I asked Mark what's going on. He shot back, "Back off! Stay out of this!" I told him that I will not get involved, but honestly, no one understands this. No one. Mark said, "Back off! Don't you understand me? Back off!"

I shrugged off on this, but Dorian, who was in the office, persisted to find out why -- one thing led to the other, it escalated the whole thing into a huge fight as nobody knew why Mark said "back off" but it nearly costs the friendship between me and Mark ... all over two words: Back off.

Today, I still do not know the reasons why Mark said "back off" to Bray. So guys, back off!

Oh, yeah, it was reported that Paul Hamm was in town. And guess where he was "seen"?

At the Chelsea Piers. Go figure. It'd be nice that we play together. *sigh*


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