Monday, August 02, 2004

Citigroup Center

You probably heard about the possible targets of attacks on financial institutions in Washington, Newark and New York. Among the five targets is Citigroup Center.

When I first visited the Citigroup Center, I was in awe of its accomplishment in building an enormous skyscraper. You may recognize it with its strange ending on its top, but not many people knew what it looked on the bottom of the building. It is difficult to describe what it looks like at the bottom of the Citigroup Center. Perhaps, these two pictures will tell better than I do.

Looking up ...

Looking down ...

The bottom of the building contains St. Paul's Lutheran Church, several restaurants and stores on its first four levels. Is that all? Nope. It also is the hub of Lexington Ave/53rd & 54th Street Subway Station. It was reported that 57,000 commuters came through this particular station everyday. The Citigroup Center is simply beautiful.

Last Christmas, after my workplace's Holidays dinner in Midtown on 58th Street, I believe, we were in a group with James, Cynthia, Web and who else I cannot remember. I vividly recalled telling James that the Citigroup Center is most beautiful skyscraper next to my personal favorite, the Lipstick. But I also mentioned that it is also vulnerable to some kind of terrorist attacks should it happen because it is so easy to target.

Little did we know ... I expect the worst, but I hope for the best. This building is something that everyone else in the world should value and cherish. God, please leave it alone.


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