Saturday, August 07, 2004

Dixie Theater

When I was a student at VSD in Staunton, there is a main street that slices through the downtown and goes up the hill, passing the birthplace of President Woodrow Wilson. Passing the intersection, the East Beverley Street becomes calmer and soothing as more than 20 Victorian houses began to show its style. A little curve there and over there, you'll reach the gate of my deaf school.

When I stayed at deaf school on the weekends, we were permitted to stroll down the East Beverley Street to eat, catch a flick at Dixie Theater before it closed.

At the Dixie Theater, I probably saw about 40 movies there until I graduated. Because of parking meters, Dixie Theater went bankrupt. That Movie Theater is a classic movie theater long lost to the modern world. There was Men's Bathroom downstairs with a door that bangs before you entered the staircase. Then at the bottom, there is another door that bangs before you faced another door that ultimately entered the bathroom. Yes, count it, three doors. I wondered why. Often when I entered the bathroom, there are older men standing by the urinals, staring at the wall. Humming to themselves. I peed and left. Banged, banged, and banged.

Many years later, I discovered that these three-door process is usually the place where men cruised and fucked each other, listening to the bangs to indicate that someone is coming. Now I understand why I saw these men staring at the walls and humming.

The Dixie Theater has it. I wonder if it still has that, today.

Even back then, Men enjoyed fucking each other.


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