Saturday, August 07, 2004

Whee! Not.

I was out with lower back pains. I really needed a shotgun to shoot it. It is driving me nuts. Which is why I hadn't posted an entry in days. Too much distractions, too much pressures and I decided to back off and stayed home to recuperate. If it's not getting better, it's the Chiropractor time, baby.

Last Wednesday afternoon, I rode the Tram from 60th Street in Midtown to Roosevelt's Island! It was great seeing the Midtown's skyscrapers, despite the fact that the Tramway itself is brief ride!!

After the cookout, we went to Serendipity for its famous dessert, which is right off from the Tramway. It was great! The waiter is so cute. Mrs. W teased me that she touched him more than I do. *sigh*

Now on a serious note, I was mentioned in, which is about what I said to a gay guy who wanted to be straight. Oy vey.

Anyway, I was checking the Haloscan comments and I was surprised to get an angry response from a girl named ... Licelot! Remember the name I told you guys that I thought was odd. She said that in Spanish, it should sound like "Lisalot". Honey, if it sounds like Lisalot, it should be Lisalot, not LICELOT, thank you very much and SKSK in your face.


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