Friday, August 13, 2004

McGreevey vs. Elisa

Some people asked me why I bashed Elisa? I saw her around at Gallaudet, read her articles for Buff n Blue. Sometimes I agreed, sometimes I don't. That is the way of life in good ole USA. I never had an opportunity to sit down and debate with her -- not that I avoid it, it was impossible because she was involved with "that" crowd whom she pays attention all the time, disregard the rest as insignificant gnats. When I see the clique group that she was part of, I just moved on. Why? Because it is not worth the energy to prove the points just to win the argument before her and her crowd -- it is biased and intimidating to deal with people like that. So I say SYL to this stuff.

It is interesting to note that when we throw crap or pinpoint the comments, these so-called conservatives would stand up and insult us for being "Liberal criminals". Get a grip. It is not about liberalism, or conservatism. It is entirely different. To accuse someone else of being a liberal criminal or just a liberal proved that you are limited in your own scope.

I grew up in the state where it promotes conservatism. By God, it was awful. It railed on everything else. It hindered the progress of Deaf Education. It hindered the inclusion of races in communities. I can speak what I think of conservatives because I was *there*.

President Bush is merely taking advantages of gullible persons to advocate his personal agendas. He throws patriotism on people when things looked bleak for him. When there was a problem within White House, where is Bush? He is in Crawford on a vacation. Always on vacation when the Congress questioned his tactics. My dear Republican fools, Bush is only using you for his needs. When he's done with you, he is going to abandon you.

Whatever happens to the concept of equal rights, liberty and justice for all? You cannot deny gay people of their rights. You cannot compare gay people with animals. You cannot compare us with polygamists in these states (Hello, most of the polygamists are ... *gasp!* straight!!). You cannot deny women the right to abort. It is their bodies. Not yours. You have no right to put your rights on others because you think it is right. You cannot permit our government to curb our personal rights in the name of national security. It sets a precedent, just like Hitler did with Germany, all in the name of national security.

We have the right to question the government, we have the right to investigate. Quit calling us liberals if we question their tactics. It only makes you look stupid and whiner.

When I read Elisa's comments, targeting towards the liberals repeatedly, it tired me so quickly. That is why I said she's an idiot. Yes, my friends and I chatted briefly about her xanga site, we talked about how annoying it is to read her anti-Liberal and anti-Democrat comments. We cracked jokes about it -- and I thought it'd be interesting to toss a grenade. After all, there is more to life than talking about Liberals and Democrats, honey! I must admit that I was shocked to see Lamberton's impulsive reaction. I thought, as a professor, he would mature. I guess I was wrong. Lamberton, try to refrain from bashing on someone based on his looks, try to bash based on his *comments*. Can you? I always thought you were smarter than that, Lambykins. It is tragic to read the ignorant comments about gays, Islam, et al. I felt sorry for any student who studies under you, Lambykins.

On other hand, Gov. McGreevey shouldn't be considered as a hero. He is not. He was the one who requested the state attorney general to take the action against several same sex couples who went ahead and married in Asbury Park, NJ. Is he the Judas? Only time will tell. It was Golan Cipel who drove Gov. McGreevey to come out of the closet. I laughed out of my mind when he said, "The truth is that I am gay American." Web can confirm this because she saw me trying to stop myself from laughing. Golan did what was necessary, to regain his dignity by suing Gov. McGreevey. After all, Golan gave up his life in Israel to be closer with McGreevey, only to be spurned off by him? It's ligitation time, baby.

Elisa & Jason, see? I just criticized a Democrat!

Deal with your issues because it is boring to read your venomous comments about Liberals, Democrats or whatever it is that goes against your traditional beliefs.


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