Sunday, August 29, 2004


The Olympics in Athens has concluded today. So many good stuff happened, so many bad stuff happened.

Honestly, it was disheartening to read the doping reports coming out of Athens which stripped some athletes of their medals almost on a daily basis. Why can't they prepare these BEFORE arriving in Athens? These athletes has no dignity, only greed.

Today, I just read the papers that a runner in the Marathon was tackled by a defrocked-Irish priest. I wonder how Ireland reacted to this? I'm sure they are embarassed that one of their hotheads just did it.

Paul Hamm is still hot. Phelps is OK if you cover his teeth. Hermann of Argentina is hot, too. Plus, all guys who played in Water Polo are extremely hot. Thanks for the show, Athens.

See ya in Beijing, guys. I won't be there, nor wanted to. But after seeing Atlanta, Sydney and Athens on the tube, I want New York to win the 2012 bid so I can check out these "athletes" at bars/clubs/restaurants -- eye candy can be so great. By 2012, there is no telling that I might be hottie or a troll.



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