Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Defrocking Schrock et al

Let's stand up and give a round of applause to blogACTIVE for its great work in outing Congressman Ed Schrock (Republican - Virginia). You guys rock! I'm going to link you to my blog.

Hypocrties, beware. This is the total war from now on. We will not deal with a person like Roy Cohn ever again.

Speaking of Republicans, last night, I watched the RNC coverage for 15 minutes. I was pretty sick to my stomach. It is dominated by white trash, leaning towards the radical right and obsessed with the war on terrorism. Actually, terrorism can be solved, not through by force, but by education and reduce the poverty. It means what? Reforms. We can prevent terrorisms by doing these things -- but the Republicans are so narrow in their right that they are right, and we are wrong.

Get a clue, oops -- they cannot.

I cannot stand them so I changed the channel to watch the rerun of Friends. Says a lot.

Ed Koch himself is gay. And he's senile. That's why he is voting for Bush. No sane gay man wanted a senile, ugly and bitter man.

Today, there will be several civil disobediences across the city -- prepare to hear the mass arrests for reasons as little as crossing a street or sneezing!

Rudy and others are merely exploiting 9/11 tragedy for votes. It is despicable.

It is true that Kerry and Bush are not exactly great candidates, I prefer Kerry because of his flexibility. The ability to make decisions that can make a positive impact not only on the United States but around the world. Bush has been making decisions for himself, his party, his friends and his businesses. He alienated the rest of the world, many countries loathed this country because of our association with Bush. It is extremely important that the voters fired the administration to remove the hatred the world has for the Americans. Pretty much, we are not only living in the United States, we are living in this world. That means what? We have to work with each country to get along, not to alienate each other.

Bush does not see that way. People needs to see that when Colin Powell attempts to visit Athens for the Olympics closing ceremony, people protested. When Bush visited Berlin, people protested. When Bush visited Atlantis, people protested. Everyone does not like Bush. So it is time for him to stand aside and fade into obscurity.

But the problem is that Bush does not listen. He does not listen to the rest of the world except for himself, his family, his friends and his businesses.


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