Monday, August 23, 2004

A Weekend of Birthdays

I found out that Paul Hamm has a lisp voice. My hearing friends swear that he has to be gay or "something else"!! That increased the chances for me. Not.

Seeing Lithuania beating the United States Men's Basketball team was disheartening but the USA Team is not out of medal contention. As for USA Girls' Basketball team, they are untouchables. Ripping everyone else in sight, leaving no injuries behind. Just kill and move on.

Last weekend was a weekend of birthday parties -- Katie, Sarah and Donna's parties. Ahh. My $$ goes empty so fast. C'est la vie. It was fun dining at KumGangSan, as per Sarah's commented, "It is easy to remember KumGangSan by "Cum Gang San".

Guess who was in town? Rayni and her husband, Eric. Rayni looked fabulous as usual. We chit-chatted for a while. I was heavily buzzed after leaving the Bowlorama. Damn the Stella Artemis! Rayni seemed to enjoy living in Sioux Falls, middle of nowhere in South Dakota. She filled me in on some tidbits about who's who all over the world. My brain was pretty much filled up.

Hey, I have two bodyguards to take care of my homeland security. Here is the proof.


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