Sunday, August 08, 2004

Looking At Myself In The Mirror

I stared at my mirror last night. I noticed something new. I lacked the "fat roll" on my neck, you know when you press your head down to your neck, the skin burst into a roll. I absolutely *hated* that. I noticed that I have ... very little fat roll on my neck. That has to be good news for me. I checked the weight today. I actually lost a lot. But I am not going to mention on my blog. Never will. I do not want to give my enemies plenty of ammunition to attack me in the open fields.

My back pains just disappeared after I popped some 200 mgs of Ibuprofen. Praise the Lord!

Watched the Saturday Night Live last night with Kelly Ripa, must be one of these repeats, but her doing the advertisement with the hair product to dye was priceless. Apparently, the hair products has crack cocaine as one of ingredients to dye a hairdo. Kelly said that she has 2 children, a husband and 3 jobs. And she's doing OK. Thanks to the hair product with crack cocaine in it, she is always on the go and able to keep up with what she has been doing so far. That was funny.

Otherwise, I had a good sleep last night. It is August, but the sleep was great. The climate during the night was ... about 65 which is strange at this time of the year in Manhattan. Well, make the best use of it.

For some reasons, I lost the motivation of going out to bars these days. They are going to be there all the time, I can come back but right now, I'm not interested. Maybe I'm too tired to deal with people these days.


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