Monday, August 16, 2004

My Weekend

To my fellow Blogmaniacs, I apologize for not entertaining you with the latest additions. That will not happen again unless I am on a vacation. *smirk*

What did I do over the weekend? I had a nice time, really. Honest! I'm serious! My weekend began with watching the Olympics, witnessed a pregnant woman beating up on her boyfriend and hanging out with Ty.

Yes, true biz about the pregnant woman beating up on her boyfriend in my apartment!! Some things are better left unsaid. *smirk*

I was watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics in Athens ... twice. During the evening and during the late night. Why? I missed some key points that I was told by some friends. Did you know that Iraqi's flag-bearer is the one who is the nation's best in ... shooting? BJ and Web looked at each other and laughed so hard. Of course, he is the best in that shit.

On Saturday night, I wanted to stay home. I really do. Like I mentioned before, I did not want to go out. I was not in mood to go out and deal with people. I like to be reclusive. But Perlis, Breen and Web insisted that I go. I caved in. So off to Barracuda where I met Ty and Bianca. Ty looked so good as ever. Ty brought his friends who performed in Big River to the bar and mingled with us all. I was the VEE-VEE the whole night long. I got a pissy hangover the next day. So I spent the day watching the US Olympics.

I saw the Hamms. Their facial expressions on their performances in gymnastics are SEXY!! Too bad I did not jerk off. I never wank off to the shows that has clothes on. It must be off. Sometimes, the guys with underwears can turn me on.

I watched the US Men's Basketball team with horror, I quickly paged Beth -- knowing that she did not give a shit about it -- that this is going to be horrifying game. You know, when I heard that Stephon Marbury and Allen Iverson being selected to the team, I knew that they will not win the gold medal. Both players are into themselves. Why do you think Coach Larry Brown left Philadelphia for Detroit and subsequently won the NBA Title in Motor City?!

I personally saw Allen Iverson when he was a sophomore in high school. He played at Tabb High which defeated my hometown, Hopewell High, 74-68. In that game, Iverson had 44 points and Childress had 26. It was such a show. I knew that he'd end up in NBA eventually. But he does not qualify to be on the Olympics team. I expect us to lose to Puerto Rico by 5 or 10. But not fucking 19!! Of course, I'm pissed off about it.

I do not know if Terrence Parking, the Deaf swimmer from the Republic of South Africa, will get to play against Ian Thorpe (Thorpedo is sexy than Phelps!) and Michael Phelps. I wish Terrence gets a chance to shock them. That would rock! That would be the coolest thing that a deaf person kicks a guy of that magnitude.

You know, when I watched Michael Phelps being interviewed by NBC TV, the TV zoomed in on his face. It showed his teeth. It seems familiar. Then it hits me -- I said, "Oh, my god -- Boucher!!"


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