Monday, August 16, 2004

Few Things To Be Amused

How do you guys like my newest look with haloscan box?

Happy Birthday, Merritt!

I'm completely JEALOUS of Eric and Delanne's newest home. These views of Mount Olympic is simply overwhelming! It will be absolutely great to wake up and breastfeed and watch these mountains, all in your home!

Benis is now 21. Happy Birthday, Benis! I'm tickled pink that Benis drank his first Alcoholic beverage -- Cape Cod -- I know y'all groaned at this. For people who do not know why, Cape Cod is my favorite drink.

I'm disappointed that Hurricane Charley did not come to Manhattan. It wimped out like many hurricanes when it comes to New York. They probably sensed that we'd have wild parties if it comes to Manhattan!!

Reading Amy's reminiscing moments about her Hurricane Frederic -- it reminded me of mine.

My favorite hurricane is Gloria. It was a massive, huge storm that skimmed North Carolina and Norfolk-Virginia Beach area before skipping back to the open sea. My parents' house lived about 60 miles outside of Norfolk, my brother and I pulled the recliners from the living room to the front porch as we enjoyed watching the trees doing these wild dances. Man, it was CHAMP -- when the thunders boomed, we looked at each other and say "OOOOOO", then when the lightning flashed, we giggled like little girls in a church who noticed an old man's pants with an open zipper. When Mom arrived home, she went berserk that we hauled the recliners in the front porch -- she thundered worse than Hurricane Gloria, "What if these fucking Gloria decided to blow this fucking porch apart and you in it?!" Suffice to say, I was more afraid of Mom than Gloria.

My 2nd favorite is the Ghost of Daniel -- this happened right after Hurricane Daniel hits the land and when the eye died out, it becomes a ghost but it still provided heavy rains, tornadoes and all that shit. It flooded the cul-de-sac at my home -- I was excited and saw the neighbors' kids running and swimming. I ran out to join them. My brother, Gary followed me along as there were winds, lightning, thunders and heavy rains happening all around us. Mom was horrified and tried to pry us out of the "pool". We refused -- but when she shot a line, "Fine! If you get one of these 400 different diseases, don't make me take you to the hospital!" Gary and I looked at each other and ran back inside. Ahh, well.

Hurricanes are fun. Enjoy it while you can. Sometimes it kills, destroys but it is always entertaining to weather through one. Ask Berna and Rico, we weathered a tropical storm while we were at a waterpark. Only less than 15 people were at the park -- we swam all day long. That was Tropical Storm David, I believe.

Amy and Jeff, do you remember introducing me to the boat landing at 2nd floor of MSSD Parking Lot? Did you know that they replaced that cushion?

Do you remember the drive we rode with Monigan and French girl to the Lincoln Monument. Then we tried to stop that French Girl who fell into the Potomac River? These memories still lives within me. I laughed so hard that I bawled myself out.


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