Thursday, August 12, 2004

Gay and Gay

You know, I truly look forward to see Chlms' kid growing up. When s/he turns to be 8 or 10, I will teach her a trick that would scare people away. You see, Chlms' kid is going to be gay. Yes, her/his last name is going to be Gay. So I'll tease him/her, "You are Gay!" Then that kid will boast, "YES, I AM GAY!" That would be so hilarious to behold. I told Chlms about it -- she snapped, "Only you will say that!"


California Supreme Court just voided all marriages done in San Francisco for same sex couples. One dumb guy said that it is necessary because it will open doors to incest, polygamy, bestiality.

I'm like what?

Bestiality cannot happen because it is not consensual. You cannot marry kids or incest because it is not consensual.

But we can.

AS for polygamy, like one said to me earlier, if the couple wants the third, is it really our business? Is it really your business? If they wanted it, it is none of your business. Plus, this person said that polygamy has been ongoing for many years in Utah, Idaho, Montana and Arizona. Lots of people knew but they let it slide all the time. In these parts, they forced teenagers to marry. Which I am very against.

Colorado City, Arizona is famous for that shit.

NEWSFLASH! I always suspected that Gov. McGreevey is gay. I mean, he looks so gay. He is too good to be straight. No sane straight man can look like that. He has to be gay. So he finally reveals the truth. I love this shit. I have to run to CNN and laugh my head off.


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