Friday, August 27, 2004

The Drama at Union Square

Last night, the local news mentioned that lots of protests will crisscross, organize and end at Union Square. My eyes widened. I live 1 and half block from the prestigious Union Square. This is going to be climatic weekend for me to sit back and observe the batons being so useful.

My greatest fear is that NYPD cops might overdo their antics (they always do!) and harm innocent people who tried to get their message across to the idiots.

I wonder if GW Bush realized that he is not appreciated nor welcomed in this town? I wonder if he realized that there are many people who wanted to kick his butt? To crush his blinding ego and to challenge him without him using the legal or financial avenues?

These stuff made me want to puke at GW Bush.

Last night, 11 members of ACT UP decided to bare the truth to the world by stripping themselves naked on 8th Avenue by Madison Square Garden -- they had the words on their chest and back that reads: ERASE THE DEBT! STOP AIDS! They were subsequently arrested for blocking the traffic.

I saw the TV report that a massive poster was tied up in the air at the luxury hotel right next to Central Park that reads "<==== BUSH, TRUTH ====>" -- indicating that Bush told lies, Truth still stands outside of the fray. How true. The reports indicated that people cheered when the rappellers pulled the stunt.

More to come -- some people said that they will cause some drama at Brooklyn Bridge to divert the attention of NYPD in order to wreck the RNC.

Drama, drama, drama!

For it has began last night.


P.S. To amuse yourself, check this out -- -- there is something wrong with this guy, he crashed (probably due to drugs, but he did not mention) -- he went homeless, was forcibly committed to the state hospital, was jailed, was carjacked and all that shit in few days -- or weeks) and he still blogged. Wow.

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